A look at Atlanta’s Underground car scene with Night Kids Media​

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A look at Atlanta's Underground car scene with Night Kids Media

Video story by Lucas Fornasini, with support from Gabe Ossa.

Copy by Ariel Pacheco.

Night Kids Media (NKM) is a car enthusiast media group based in Atlanta. They help promote impromptu car shows and races through their Instagram account with a secret location nearly every weekend.

Dozens of people from all backgrounds show up with their cars, but are sometimes met with resistance from the police. Because of this, NKM often have to help change locations in a moment’s notice.

Every meetup is centered around their love of cars and being able to share that with each other. 

Sometimes, events go well into the night and are done in good fun and there is a real sense of community. “It’s all about the love of cars, man. And doing F*** S***!” said the NKM.

Cars can be seen doing donuts and revving their engines as loud as possible.  Tire marks and smoke are heavy at every event. The events often turn into a large social gathering with music being played and where kids under 17 show up.

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