Reach the Next Generation with Avant-Y News

Young people are more able to recognize (and are less likely to interact with) internet advertisements than previous generations. And, really, who can blame them?

They’ve grown up in a world where ads are on almost every major platform, tethered to companies eager to make their mark. That inevitably leads to something rather different than an intrigued or offended consumer: a consumer well versed in ignoring what they’re looking at. Ad apathy is a skill, and Gen Z’ers have become very adept at it.

In order to most effectively advertise to this new apathetic audience, it’s important to re-vitalize their interest. This is our speciality. Viewers are invited to interact with us, with each other, with the content being showcased, so that they become part of the process. They don’t just run tunnel-vision to the finish line, the core of our entertainment. They slalom through connective avenues, and through that process, their interest is piqued in a way that’s indicative of our originality.

We make our mark on Atlanta youth by starting at the roots of their interests and building up. The viewership is familiar and passionate about what we talk about, and they interact accordingly. When it comes to the ads on our website, we make sure that they’re presented in a non-offensive way. We don’t do pop ups. Ads are seamlessly integrated with our home page, adjacent to articles, videos, and a community forum link that the viewership can click on at their leisure.

The website is designed to direct activity towards the ads, without touching them–almost as if the viewer is driving a car down the highway and noticing a passing billboard. The end result is an interested reader not adverse to noticing product placement.

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