An Artist Portrait: R&B Singer Steffany Moneque

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An Artist Portrait: R&B Singer Steffany Moneque

Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this story misspelled the musical group that records at Paperboy Studios as “Eye Club”; the current version has been updated to reflect the correct spelling, “iClub.” 

Sometimes you come across people who absolutely blow you away. Their presence alone takes over the atmosphere. Steffany Moneque is one of those people. When she walked into Ambient Studios for our interview, everyone took notice, and after our conversation, it is easy to see why. 

Moneque is originally from Huntsville, Alabama. She grew up loving Beyonce and Aaliyah. Moneque credits Beyonce as her inspiration to become a true performer and credits Aaliyah for her “chill, girl-next-door vibe.” 

Despite beginning her music career at the University of Alabama and gaining campus success, she didn’t know her next step. She expressed a limited ability to acquire music streams in Alabama. She needed a location where she could grow musically.

Moneque took a huge chance and decided to start a new chapter here in Atlanta. She moved in December 2017 with $20 in her pocket. She slept in her car every night, going from job interview to job interview. After finally landing a job, she was eventually able to get her own place and become stable. Despite family and friends questioning her decision, Moneque followed her gut, and it worked out. 

Summer 2018 was when her career shifted. She met Some Guy Named Lee, a rapper she did a feature with. He introduced her to iClub, a musical group that records at Paperboy Studios. 

Dylan Castora, owner and head engineer of Paperboy, taught Moneque how to produce her own records. She did not want to be restricted by booking studio time and wanted to record at any time of the day, for whatever mood she may be in. Castora taught her the in’s and out’s of Pro Tools, a music engineering software platform, and it transformed her record-creation process.

Moneque is a complete artist. She sings, writes, raps, directs and produces. She handled every aspect of her most recent project, “The New Girl.” While her project is labeled as R&B/Soul, each one of the records touches many categories of music. You can hear her rapping on “The New Girl” and singing so smoothly on “Splash.” It’s a mixture of everything.

Between creating the beats, promoting, marketing, recording, booking shows and coordinating the whole production, Moneque gained a new appreciation for creating something on your own. Each track details a part of her becoming a new woman. Leaving behind the doubters, haters and naysayers, “The New Girl” embodies a message of elevation and bossing up.  

In her own words, “I’m just better than who I was yesterday… and I’m going to be 10 times better than who I am now in the next few years.” 

She’s on a quest for greatness. Stay tuned for her next project, “Bedroom Sessions,” and be sure to follow Steffany Moneque on Instagram.

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