Aquarius 2021 Horoscope (January 20 – February 18)

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Aquarius 2021 (January 20 - February 18)

Aquarius is upon us after an interesting and exhausting Capricorn season, which saw us preparing, planning and losing our collective minds. All Aquarius season is asking you to do is find innovative ways to communicate.  

But don’t look at this as a chance to sit back and relax. You still have plans to follow through on. Your methods are just a little different. 

It’s time to let loose and explore the options available to us in a new light. 


The Empress | Ace of Swords | The Tower

Aries is the sign of hands-on leaders who are fearless and relentless go-getters. You’re meant to take charge and move forward. This season you’ve been riddled with uncertainty and it’s cramping your style. It might be a smothering partner, parent or your job getting you down, but they’re causing your feelings of self-worth to plummet.

The stress and stagnation of life is causing a lot of confusion, and you need to find some peace and quiet to focus. A breakthrough might be on the horizon if you can find the time to get away from it all. If you can do that, you’ll be doing yourself a favor. 

Although it won’t be completely smooth sailing, the time you’ll take to think will help you navigate big problems with a clear head and a valid game plan.   


The Fool | Death | The World

It goes completely against your very being, but it’s time to go with the flow. This season be like air, Aquarius’s symbol, and let yourself go. Capricorn wasn’t good to you, but it’s time to make a new start. 

You’re an earth sign and a realist, but you could use a little idealism and imagination in your life right about now. Think of Aquarius as the Manic Pixie Dream Girl  (MPDG) of the Zodiac and let it help you reinvent yourself. Change is necessary in the equation of life and, in order for things to change, you have to transform. 

Focus on your transformation, all the big and little aspects of your life that need to change for the better, and you’ll find your way to solid ground. 

Taurus tarot cards. Imani Benjamin-Wharton | Avant-Youth


Queen of Pentacles | Knight of Cups | The Sun

You put in a lot of work to improve yourself last season, removing the things and people that hurt and hindered you in the past. The fruits of your efforts are blossoming before you. 

The good times are rolling, and you have the time to follow your passions. You are the captain of your ship (your life) and it goes wherever you want, but you don’t have to rush there. Happiness and peace don’t always come into our lives easily and forcing it may shorten the time you have to rest easy. Take it day by day and the happiness you seek should come, maybe slowly, into your life. 


Page of Wands | Five of Pentacles | Strength

Life is finally getting back on track. The problems that plagued you last season are finally gone.  Get ready to be swept off your feet by what life’s got in store for you next, you’ve gone from aHallmark movie to a box office rom-com. 

Now that you’re in recovery mode and definitely on the road to success, you’ve got to find ways to keep your momentum going. Success is like working out: You have to keep doing it to see great results. 

Whether it’s tracking and celebrating your successes or finding ways to affirm your worth, keep moving forward. 


Justice | King of Pentacles | Two of Wands

You wear the pants and make the big decisions for the best rewards. Everyone looks to you in a time of crisis. But should they? You can’t be the boss and the guiding light of your friends or family if you’re not being honest with yourself or comprising your own morals. 

In order to be a pillar of safety or guidance, it’s time to rebalance your scales of truth. Finding balance in your life might mean coming clean or being honest, with yourself or others–that’s up to you. 

The future isn’t clear but lies, big and small, always catch up to us in the end. It’s of utmost importance to find your truth and take responsibility for the fallout that seems to be in your cards. 

Leo tarot cards. Imani Benjamin-Wharton | Avant-Youth


King of Wands | Ace of Pentacles | Five of Wands

Power is a dangerous thing to yield. Like Uncle Ben said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” But it doesn’t seem like you’re adhering to this principle at all. Lay off before one of your friends decides it’s time to play villain and take you down. TLDR; You’re being annoying. Stop it.  

Take this time as an opportunity to manifest manners or put your energy into a new passion or project. Think of this as a time to settle down and find what pleases you. Otherwise, you’ll find you’re getting into a lot of unnecessary fights with people you either love or are out of your league. 

Check yourself before you wreck yourself. 


Seven of Swords | Queen of Pentacles | The Empress

Dishonesty has been the name of the game for a while. Whether you’re deliberately or unintentionally concealing the truth or someone else has pulled the wool over your eyes, it’s getting ready to backfire in a major way. 

The truth will set you free in more ways than one. Mainly letting you feel better about yourself. No more feeling suspicious or worrying about who might uncover your secret. As you focus on getting the truth out there, there’s no time like the present to work on yourself. Generosity, understanding and kindness are great traits to have (and it helps that they’re key traits to getting good karma). 

They’ll help you move forward too. It wouldn’t be surprising that you feel stuck in a rut for a while.  


Ace of Swords | Eight of Pentacles | Hermit

It wasn’t too long ago that it felt like you were at the end of your rope. But after sitting and thinking or talking it out with calmer friends, you’ve reached a “eureka!” moment. Everything that was confusing is clear and you’re on your way to victory. 

Don’t expect the victory high or clarity to last forever. Although the path currently seems clear, this doesn’t mean there won’t be complications or a loss of motivation further down the line. Even if the goal you’re working toward is endgame, a loss of interest isn’t entirely out of the picture. 

You might need to take a little time to yourself before you embark on this journey. Find the aspects of your project that excite you most, and use them as encouragement in the future. Giving up isn’t an option, but going slow is. 

Aquarius tarot cards. Imani Benjamin-Wharton | Avant-Youth


Eight of Pentacles | Ace of Swords | King of Pentacles

The black cloud that hung over you in Capricorn is still lingering in Aquarius. What manifested as shady friends is currently manifesting as shady work ethic. Either you can’t be found when work needs to be done or the will to work vanishes when work is mentioned. 

You need an intervention, hosted by friends or your conscience, to get back on track. You’re the only person who can get your act together. When (not if) you do, the riches and excitement of life will start flowing back into your life. Help yourself get to a better place. 


Three of Swords | Queen of Swords | Hierophant

Season 2021 of Earth has gotten off to a rocky, explosive start and so has your life. Get ready for life to feel like your favorite reality TV show with all the shocks and betrayals this season has in store for you. But don’t lose hope, because a bad situation can always get better. 

Think of the Matrix–the blue pill will let you stay safe but blind while the red pill will show you a way out of your problem. Although it might be unorthodox and not even remotely close to how you usually solve problems, thinking outside the box will definitely reward you. 


Four of Wands | Death | Eight of pentacles 

The great part of being home is having the people who love you most just an arms reach away. The world’s problems don’t seem all that bad when you’ve got a sympathetic and understanding ear nearby. 

It might not be time to reinvent yourself, but there are things that can change for the better. Who better to point out your flaws than your relatives? That’s the other great thing about this pandemic turned family reunion–you can pinpoint your problems much faster. 

Although this tough love just sounds like plain old bullying, it might be the step you need to get work done. With all the bullshit out the way, you can get down to business to defeat the Huns and your classwork.

Aquarius tarot cards. Imani Benjamin-Wharton | Avant-Youth


King of Swords | Ten of Cups | Five of Pentacles

You may be a water sign known to be an introspective daydreamer, but this season you’re throwing that to the side. Capricorn gave you a rough time and you’ve had enough. Being blunt and straight to the point isn’t your usual style, but you have to get through Aquarius in one piece.  

Your new way of moving is causing more than a few ripples in the pond of life, especially with your family. Don’t worry. The peace has been disturbed but it’s not your fault.

The clouds of disharmony and discontent aren’t likely to stick around forever. While the worst has passed, it still isn’t smooth sailing for you. Hunker down and keep strong for now. 

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