Atlanta United Eats

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Atlanta United Playoff Eats

It was a rainy day at Mercedes-Benz stadium. Fardeen Sheikh | Avant-Youth

Atlanta United faced the New England Revolution in the MLS Round 1 Playoffs. Rain was pouring, fans were gathering, and the stadium was bustling. The energy in the stadium was palpable, and everything was set for an amazing game at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. 

However, no sporting event is complete without hot dogs, burgers, nachos, beer, and a host of other foods. With so much variety, Video Assistant Gabriel Ossa and I went to the stadium to check out the restaurants. We rated them based on three criteria: taste, bang for the buck and packability (how well you can take the food to your seats without spilling). 

Molly B’s

We decided to try Molly B’s restaurant, because it was the first thing we saw as soon as we entered, so our starving stomachs decided for us. I ordered the $22 lobster roll, a $2 bottle of water, and Gabe had the $10 po’ boy and a $9 Draft Up High beer.

Clearly, we couldn't wait to eat... Fardeen Sheikh | Avant-Youth

The food was decadent, and if you aren’t afraid to splurge on your trip to the stadium, I recommend checking out Molly B’s. The french fries were well-seasoned and tasted amazing, and the lobster roll and po’ boy tasted fantastic. So in terms of taste, it was definitely worth it. 

The food came in these small containers. They offered us a larger container to carry all the food and drinks together, making the trip to our seat easier and keeping spillage minimal to none; they really thought through packability.

 Concerning the price, it was on the expensive side because of its decadent nature, therefore I wouldn’t recommend it if you are trying to keep to a budget. Molly B’s without a doubt adds a certain element to the game: fancy.

The ATL Grill

Around 30 minutes into the game, we decided to head out to the restaurants again before the halftime rush. This time we hit ATL Grill, and the prices here made up for Molly B’s expensive fare. 

There were hot dogs for $1.50, burgers for $5 and fries for $3. The most expensive thing on the menu was the quinoa roasted veggie burger for $8. According to Gabe, the best deal in the stadium could be found here where you can get a hot dog, fries, and a bottle of water for only $6.50. 

The food was neatly wrapped and easy to carry to our seats, and it tasted like your standard can-do-no-wrong stadium snacks. The food from ATL Grill completes any game day at the stadium.

Last but not Least...

After a couple of minutes of gameplay, Gabe and I decided to scope out any interesting places to eat one more time. We decided to try this alcohol-free Heineken that was being advertised throughout the stadium for $5. Neither of us were quite sure who the target demographic was for this drink —  considering you had to show ID for it, and it tasted similar to the regular Heineken, minus the usual side effects. 

The disaster known as the Frito pie.
Fardeen Sheikh | Avant-Youth

A few moments later we see a Fox Bros. restaurant selling a “Frito pie.” We decided to try it, and as soon as they gave us the concoction, Gabe and I looked at it for a moment, trying to accept the fact that someone decided this was a good idea. 

We had a few bites before realizing nothing in the world is worth trying to finish this Frankenstein of a snack. The snack came in a Frito bag on a basket, so packability-wise, it was easy to carry.

But taste-wise… 

The only thing that washed away the lasting taste of chili cheese and onions, followed by an aftertaste of Fritos attempting to choke the life out of your tastebuds, was the Heineken and the caramel popcorn from Miss D’s New Orleans Style Candy & Popcorn.  

The Frito pie was certainly the most nauseating way to end our exploration of the numerous restaurants in the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. 

The whole stadium erupted in cheers once Atlanta United beat the New England Revolution. The food in the stadium added to the enjoyment of the soccer game, and the array of restaurants available caters to everybody’s budget and taste. If you ever want to catch a Falcons or United game, then don’t be afraid to skip breakfast (or lunch) and get food at the stadium, you won’t regret it.

Gabe Ossa | Avant-Youth

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