Bar Vegan: Atlanta’s New Hot Spot?

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Whiskey Sour Bar Vegan

Bar Vegan: Atlanta's New Hot Spot

Editor’s Note: This version has been updated to reflect the editor-in-chief’s drink choices. March 31, 2021, at 10:02 p.m.

Bar Vegan, a sister restaurant of Slutty Vegan, is a new bar at Ponce City Market.

Bar Vegan shocked me in the best way. I’m not entirely sure what I expected, but it wasn’t just a bar, it was an experience.

If you’re having a hard time finding it in PCM, just follow the exciting sound of a mix of old and new R&B music.

Once you enter, you will see a sleek, black bar, low lighting and bright neon signs that create a lively ambiance for its guests. 

Bar Vegan
Tucker Bedingfield | Avant-Youth

Despite being busy, the bartenders were extremely welcoming and attentive. As soon as I sat down I was greeted by the lively bartender who was taking care of us. The interaction felt like talking with a good friend! Everyone seemed to be enjoying the vibe and conversations flowed easily, even from stranger to stranger.

The energy was enticing and easy to emulate.

The menu, however, was very limited as they just opened on Feb. 28th.

Whiskey Sour Bar Vegan
Tucker Bedingfield // Avant Youth

It features a handful of vegan cocktails and a singular meal item.

I ordered the whiskey sour for my drink, and my editor (Judy Kim) ordered several mojitos [in addition to trying the classic and strawberry mojitos that were on the menu, she also trialed a Dragonberry rum concoction mixed with oranges].

We decided to split the lone food item: a vegan Philly Cheesesteak, made with “impossible meat.”

Now, a traditional whiskey sour is made with egg white to create a foam over the top of the drink. Bar Vegan took its own innovative approach: Instead of egg whites to create the meringue on top, they used a chickpea derivative. The drink itself was strong, but that didn’t take away from its flavor.

The drink was silky, and the balance between liquor and syrup complimented one another. Having had both a normal whiskey sour before, and then its vegan rendition, the difference in flavor between the two wasn’t noticeable to me, however I think the chickpea substance had a lighter texture. Overall, it was a good whiskey sour! 

My editor’s recommendation amongst the mojito collection? Strawberry.

The food was creatively served in a lunchbox. I was skeptical of the vegan Philly since I am not a vegan and my experience is limited. That being said, I was blown away.

The Philly and the sweet potato tots that came with it was full of flavor.

The meat substitute did break apart more than its traditional animal counterpart, but the well-seasoned flavor made up for that. The vegan cheese was creamy, and the saltiness of the sandwich was offset by the sweetness of the sweet potato fries.

Tucker Bedingfield // Avant Youth

Bar Vegan, in short, is alluring for those seeking local nightlife. The music, neon lighting and great service made our time there enjoyable, and the food was amazing.

It’s a really cool place to just hang out, and I’m looking forward to what items they may add in the future. If you’re looking for a lively new, hot spot (not for the COVID adverse), check out Bar Vegan!

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