The future success of Atlanta is dependent upon the education of our youth. We provide young people with actionable news and a birds-eye-view of events they’re exposed to everyday. And we don’t do one-sided discussions: Avant-Youth is made up of young people talking to young people about topics that matter in their lives, and in the lives of their community, so that they can formulate individualized opinions about local happenings. We believe in building from the ground up.

International and national developments are important, but the sad reality is that executive decisions are often not representative of the collective sentiment. That route quite often leads to a disconnected and disinterested citizen. We choose to take the first steps towards political, financial, cultural and social self-competency. Those steps inevitably begin here in Atlanta, with the next generation.  

And that’s where you come in. 



Quite frankly, it’s impossible to do this without the support of our community. If we’re to succeed, it will only come through the backing of people sympathetic to what we’re trying to achieve.

We encourage you to read all about us. Reach out to our editors, or leave us a message through the website or one of our social media channels. We’ll be glad to answer any questions that you have.

Many people think it’s important that media sources should (1) be independent while (2) focusing on their local communities. There is a huge disconnect when 71% of us believe that our local news sources are doing well, but only 14% has ever directly paid for a news service.

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It’s cliche [and also cliche to say that it’s cliche], but any amount counts.

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