Calling all photographers, shutterbugs, freelancers and the like… We’re looking for uncompromising shots of Atlanta’s young people in action. 

Context is important. Portrayal is everything. We want to find the core of Atlanta’s youth culture and represent it in the truth that we witness, to the best of our abilities. Help us tell their story through your lens. 

We’re looking for photographers to cover anything that our writers are covering themselves. We approach each story from as many angles as we can.

Unique shots, crops and perspectives are key. We want to see what we know is there, but in a way that is indicative of your vision as a creative.   

If you’re interested in working for us on a regular basis, email your resume to the address listed below.  

We also accept submissions from freelancers. If you’re at a show, take some pictures of the people watching it. Strolling around downtown? Snap a shot! Have fun with it. 

Photos should be clean, well-lit and high resolution. You don’t need to Photoshop much, if at all.

It goes without saying, but we’ll credit you for any photo we use. 

Submissions and inquiries to [email protected]