It's a big city; we need a crew to help capture it all.

We’re looking for a whole bunch of people to help our video production department tackle Atlanta. We’re interested in anything and everything related to the production process. That includes Creators, Producers, Videographers, Talent and Editors.

Staff writers will often need a video package to go along with their article. As a Videographer, you’ll be following them into the fray of interviews, events and reviews. 

As an Assistant Video Editor, you’ll be working with the video crew to finalize their narrative through post production. Either way, It’ll be your duty to help our creators publish a story just as captivating in motion as it is on paper.

Our team also has its own independent projects. You could be the piece we need to make our ideas happen.

You could also very well be the one whose ideas we build upon. Writers and producers are welcome to submit anything from concepts to full-on scripts. 

Submissions and inquiries to [email protected]