COVID Diaries: One Day at a Time

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COVID DIARIES: A Day in the Life

With no end in sight for the COVID-19 pandemic, many working and learning from home struggle to have a productive day while in close proximity to the comforts of their beds. Thankfully, there are a multitude of strategies to maximize the work day, even if it’s spent at home. 

  1. Wake up at the same time everyday. This implements a routine, which, we all know is the key to a successful life–as explained in every psychology magazine ever.
  2. MAKE. YOUR. BED. Making your bed tells your body that now you are starting your day–it’s also just nice to have a clean workspace [not to mention you’d be less inclined to jump into it…]. 
  3. Separate your workspace and your rest space, working where you sleep is not only totally unproductive but also really hurts your sleep schedule!
  4. Eat. Get some food in your system. Feed your brain!! Salmon, walnuts, greens, etc.
  5. Get dressed– looking good means feeling good. 
  6. Get to work–stop procrastinating and just do it.
  7. Walk. Take breaks. Then do some more work–after a break you gotta jump right back in.
  8. Write it down. Have you heard of to-do lists? You should have one by now. 
  9. Get some rest–you do not look good with bags under your eyes.

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Lainey Devlin

Lainey Devlin is a senior in high school with hopes to go into the journalism field. When she’s not falling over trying yoga, she’s probably fan-girling over her cat or hanging out with her friends. Her favorite song is “Somebody Else” by the 1975 and her favorite show is Criminal Minds, because she is just edgy and alternative like that.


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