Avant-Youth was conceived by a group of young writers and creatives who were concerned with the current media. There’s a growing problem in contemporary reporting and news-sharing, which often focus on the negatives and fails to bring people together. 

Content isn’t helpful, wholesome or fulfilling, so why bother? No one sees this more than our youth, who are understandably apathetic to what’s going on around them.

We wanted to change that mentality by making journalists and their audience interchangeable. So, armed with our laptops and collective minds, we developed an approachable, interactive way for you to cover topics that matter to you.

The response was massive. And what began as a passion project amongst our small team of friends quickly grew into a full-blown enterprise, with more people signing up all the time. 

Our editorial board has continued to fact-check and edit all submitted work to its polished potential. But to handle this increased workload, we have progressively relied upon the support of people like you. We’re going to keep up our end.

Hop in wherever you like.