Curly Gurlies Episode 3 Recap

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Curly Gurlies Episode 3: Natural Hair for Dummies

Hello, and welcome back to Curly Gurlies!

In this episode we dive deep into natural hair terminology. The natural hair community uses many terms that may be unknown to others. Hosts Cierra Ward and Leslie Daniels have a sit down discussion with Davida Smart, a natural hair enthusiast, about common misconceptions about natural hair. As an example, some people don’t believe that natural hair can grow long, but that is incorrect.

We close the podcast with some terms you should know so pay close attention. Make sure you continue to tune into Curly Gurlies podcast every other Friday!

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Leslie Daniels

Leslie Daniels is a graduate from Georgia Southern University with a degree in Multimedia Journalism. She has a passion for entertaining and informing others, and she hopes to use her talents to become a TV/radio personality. In her leisure time you can find her scrolling through YouTube to find her next hairstyle or roaming through the beauty supply store.


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