Curly Gurlies Episode 4: Stigma of Natural Hair in the Workplace

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Curly Gurlies Episode 4: Stigma Against Natural Hair in the Workplace

Welcome back to the Curly Gurlies podcast!

In episode 4, hosts Cierra Ward and Leslie Daniels discuss how natural hair has been stigmatized in the workplace. Based on history and even throughout today, some companies seem to believe that a black woman’s natural curls are considered “unkempt” or “messy.”

At one point the girls reference Georgia’s unanswered CROWN Act, a bill prohibiting discrimination against black men and women from wearing their natural hair in the workplace, which was recently passed on the federal level last year.

Georgia’s general assembly has yet to reintroduce and pass the CROWN Act.

The hosts also provide you with some terms that you should and should not use when describing natural hair. Terms that shouldn’t be used include “difficult” and “kinky.”

To learn more about these topics, click the video above and watch the episode!

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