Curly Gurlies Episode 5: Hair Maintenance & Length Retention

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Curly Gurlies Episode 5: Hair Maintenance & Length Retention

Welcome back to another episode of Curly Gurlies, where we provide information to help your hair journey.

In this episode, co-hosts Cierra Ward and Leslie Daniels converse with Davida Smart about hair maintenance and length retention.

Many people have issues with their hair growth, because their hair is breaking at the same rate it’s growing. The girls reference personal knowledge, Curlcentric and other research to provide tips and tricks to counteract that breakage and get your hair continuously growing.

Hair, just like anything else, needs tender love and care to grow. So the girls define protective styling, while giving you a few styles to try yourself.

To gain more knowledge on these topics, watch the video below.

Be sure to tune in every other Friday for a new episode with more information about your natural hair!

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