Curly Gurlies Episode 6: Accepting Non-Naturals

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Curly Gurlies Episode 6: Accepting Non-Naturals

To close out season 1 of the Curly Gurlies podcast, we bring you the episode entitled Accepting Non-Naturals.

In this episode, hosts Cierra Ward and Leslie Daniels wanted to appreciate those who aren’t necessarily “natural.” Non-natural people should be accepted for how their hair looks as well.

The hosts discuss what factors make a person non-natural, which includes getting relaxers and having a color treatment done. Ward and Daniels do this with the help of their guest, Taylor Goolsby, who styles both natural and non-natural hair.

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Cierra Ward

Cierra Ward is a recent graduate from the University of Central Florida with her bachelor’s in Electronic Journalism. She is originally from Jacksonville, Florida, but plans to travel the whole world before she settles somewhere. Besides telling unique stories of people, her passion is dance, which she has participated in since she was three years old. An interesting fact about Ward is she has a first-degree black belt in Taekwondo.


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