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Dating in Atlanta has as many perks as it has downfalls. There are plenty of people to meet, numerous places to go, and endless opportunities. However, social media can have a negative impact on relationships, the ratio of men to women is absurdly unbalanced (20 to 1), and it seems like no one is ready to settle down. No matter what your relationship status is, be yourself, live your best life and be faithful (to yourself or your partner). Let’s discuss the pros and cons.

1. PRO: Atlanta is full of people searching for greatness.

You truly never know who you can meet in this city. I’ve met NFL players, rappers, reality show stars and R&B singers. There are doctors, artists, sales representatives, photographers and graphic designers. No matter what your type is, there’s someone for everyone. There’s even sugar mommas and sugar daddies, if that’s your thing.

    2. PRO: Atlanta has a ridiculous number of places to hang out.

    Where you go determines the type of person you’ll meet, so choose wisely. Nice cigar lounges, such as Cigar City Club or Fellaship, may result in the possibility of you meeting a nice, older gentleman with money. If you go to a more hipster area like Virginia Highlands and stop by Jack’s or Ladybird, you’re more likely to meet an artist or producer.  

    At clubs like Eleven45, The District or Medusa, you’ll probably meet a promoter, a rapper or a baller. The Buckhead Bars are full of frat guys and men who work in corporate America. Edgewood on a Saturday night, you will more than likely meet someone young, who just wants to have a good time. Not only is there someone for everyone, there’s somewhere for everyone here.

        3. PRO: Being single is fun!

        Relationships take work. Ever have those days where you don’t want to cook dinner or even speak to anyone? When you’re in a relationship, you have to listen to your significant others’ problems because theirs become yours. They require you to be selfless and understanding. Relationships need work and can end in tears. 

        Dating in ATL can be tricky. Joshua Crump | Avant-Youth

        So unless you’re truly ready to be committed and sacrifice a piece of your freedom, don’t do it. You will end up wasting your time and theirs. Until then, being single in one of the best cities in the country isn’t so bad. 

        As fun as dating in Atlanta can be, it’s important to know a few of the issues that come with being single.

        1. CON: There are so many single women here.

        According to the Atlanta Journal- Constitution, “Atlanta has about 80,000 more single women (ages 18-64) than single men.” There are more single, beautiful, successful women in Atlanta than there are men. It may be more difficult for a man to feel the need to commit to dating just one woman. Also, with popular social dating apps such as Hinge, Tinder, Instagram, Bumble and OkCupid, your man isn’t just meeting cuties at a bar. He could also be scrolling and swiping right while you’re watching Netflix on the couch. 

            2. CON: Atlanta is a little bit like “Never Never Land.”

            Since there are so many places to go, and so many people to meet, people don’t grow up here. It’s hard to have a sustaining relationship when everyone wants to party. No matter what day of the week or time of the day, there is somewhere to hang out in Atlanta. Also, many people in Atlanta don’t have typical “9-5’s.” If you’re a bartender, waitress, photographer, or rapper, there’s no need to punch anyone’s clock. At 2 pm on a Tuesday you can find a bar in the city with great music, hookah, food and a decent crowd.

            3. CON: A lot of men “aren’t who they say they are.”

            Appearances aren’t everything. Atlanta is full of “wannabe” rappers and artists.  Plenty of men rent cars they can’t afford, and flex on Instagram in other people’s houses. There are also so many ways to think, date and operate which can make it difficult to keep up. What pleases one guy may intimidate the next. 

            For example, being responsive and actually texting back might not always benefit you. Time, communication and observation will help you discover if you’re dating someone who needs to be chased or someone who needs a little space.

            Navigating the Atlanta dating scene can be tricky. That’s why it’s so important to always be yourself. You never know who you will meet that likes you for you. Don’t compare yourself to other people; Instagram isn’t always reality. If you’re in a relationship, my advice is to stay off social media and be cautious in these streets. Always make sure you’re doing what’s best for you and your loved ones. 

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