Dinner and a movie: A review of the Silverspot Cinema​ experience

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Dinner and a movie: A review of the Silverspot Cinema​ experience

Outside of Silverspot Cinema. Bianca Johnson | Avant-Youth

Not even the rain could keep away young people looking to get fresh air and have a good time in the midst of a pandemic. 

Just outside of the Perimeter near Truist Park lies Battery Avenue, a scenic strip of eateries (like Wahlburgers) and things to do (like working out in Pepper Boxing and shopping). 

A light drizzle sprinkled our faces as the rain clouds began to dissipate. My husband stood next to the parking meter, paying for our car’s three-hour stay in front of Ph’east–”A Far East Street Feast” opposite Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream. 

Even after 9:00 p.m. the area was still bustling with people. I could hear the music of a live band in the distance. 

Battery Avenue only knows young faces at this time of night. Many 20-somethings meandered by and a husband and wife–looking to be in their early to mid 30’s–walked hand-in-hand with their toddler in between while two older children trailed behind them, taking pictures with their phones and drinking in their surroundings. 

A few paces in the direction of Aloft Atlanta brought us to our destination: Silverspot Cinema.

The food display at Silverspot.
Bianca Johnson | Avant Youth

Upon entering, we immediately saw a small presentation of food samples made by gourmet chefs.

In the lobby was a full bar at which people were seated, enjoying wine and good conversation. 

Above the cacophony of voices, we heard the welcomes. One of them came from a woman dressed in a red chef uniform coat and black slacks who smiled and asked if she could help. We had intended on ordering food before our movie so she happily answered our questions. 

She told us there were servers who would take our order or we could select food through their app (iOS, Android). We decided to just place our order after taking our seats. 

I pulled up my purchased tickets through my email and was quickly checked in and directed to our movie. Aside from the full bar and fanciful seating in the lobby, Silverspot seemed like a regular movie theater but with a slight contemporary twist. That is, until we entered the viewing room. 

Not many people were in there to begin with because we were about 45 minutes early. The company colors were reflected in the red reclining leather seats,  the black upholstery. 

The very first row was made up of double reclining seats, the kind with no cup holders or armrests in between so that you could easily snuggle up close to a significant other. All the other rows were single seats. 

Speaker boxes lined the walls from front to back, with the company icon on the right side when facing the screen. We took our assigned seats three rows up from the back. 

Immediately, we were greeted by our waiter who asked if we’d like to have any alcoholic beverages for the evening. As my husband and I do not drink, we swiftly declined and proceeded with our food options. 

There were plenty of items to choose from. I ordered the Impossible Veggie Burger and a strawberry lemonade. My husband decided on the Skirt Steak and water. Our waiter put our order into a handheld device and took payment Chick-Fil-A drive-thru style. 

As we waited, I took in my surroundings. Each row of seats boasted privacy like no other theater I’ve ever seen. Solid railings separated them so you couldn’t see what the person or people were doing in front of you. There was enough space to allow us to completely recline into a supine position and still have people walk comfortably through.

Bright red leather seating. Bianca Johnson | Avant Youth

I was concerned that, because of the height of the railing, the bottom of the movie screen would be blocked from view. However, by the time the movie started, I found that it didn’t take up any part of the screen. 

The Impossible Veggie Burger.
Bianca Johnson | Avant Youth
Skirt steak. Bianca Johnson | Avant Youth

Our food arrived quicker than expected and we were able to enjoy a good portion before the commercials ended. Since I am no food connoisseur and the “goodness” of taste is relative, I’ll spare the details of the flavors, but I will say that the burger–and the steak, according to my husband–were delectable. 

His order came with truffle fries, which was quite interesting: The seasonings reminded me of garlic bread, the decadent spices blended together nicely to create astounding flavor combinations that you’d just have to experience for yourself.

As we ate, my husband told me more about Silverspot Cinema, saying that someone could rent an entire theater room for three hours. I was impressed with the place as I found my comfortable position somewhere between seated and supine as our movie began to start. 

I was worried that I’d be distracted by some of the waiters taking orders for late-comers, but after commercials ended, they stopped contact with the audience altogether, after serving their food of course. 

The audio was typical and the display was standard. If you’re used to seeing things in 4K, don’t expect the best quality in that regard. This, however, didn’t take away from the overall experience. 

After the movie ended, I made a pit-stop.  

I always judge a place based on the effort placed in its restrooms, and Silverspot’s were built with the defecator/urinator in mind. The floor and walls were made up of black and white marbled tiles and dressing-room-style stalls lined the walls parallel to each other.

Your own super private restroom stalls.
Bianca Johnson | Avant Youth

The architect provided the utmost privacy for all, as each stall was a separate room and each room had a floor-to-ceiling red door that kept anyone from accidentally witnessing a sacred moment.

We were the last group to leave since our movie was the latest in the building. Even though it was after midnight, the service was impeccable. 

Everyone in the lobby bid us goodbye with grins as they cleaned up for the evening. We left, bellies full and hearts satisfied.

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