Covering the #DoBetterGA Rally

The student-led campaign, #DoBetterGA, organized a rally in opposition of the Georgia House bill 481 on Saturday, May 25.  Thousands of pro-choice supporters came out to the Georgia State Capitol and marched all the way to the CNN Center in downtown Atlanta.

Participants came charged up and ready to have their voices heard. The event kicked off with guest speakers who spoke passionately about the subject. The rally went smoothly, with no harassment from counter protesters, but needless to say, the day was filled with fiery buzz and energy.

Protesters gathered for the #DoBetterGA rally at the Georgia State Capitol to listen to the events’ guest speakers. Many brought signs and posters that voiced their concerns about the restrictions on women’s right to bodily autonomy. The crowd was filled with women, men, and even children that were opposed to Georgia House bill 481.
 Megan Binkley | Avant-Youth
The student organizers peacefully gathered the crowd and began to march down Mitchell Street with the help of police escort. So many people were participating in the event that the leaders of the march had to stop frequently to let the rest of the group catch up. They led chants that radiated throughout the entire downtown area.  Megan Binkley | Avant-Youth
The Georgia heat did not slow these protesters down. The high energy event in opposition to the Georgia House bill 481 was undeniably a success. So many different signs were held in a crowd of what the APD estimates to be around 10,000 people.
Megan Binkley | Avant-Youth

Megan Binkley | Avant-Youth

Despite the blazing temperatures, protesters showed their support by making creative signs and marching a mile through downtown Atlanta.

Megan Binkley | Avant-Youth

Supporters of all ages came out to participate in the #DoBetterGA protest.

Megan Binkley | Avant-Youth

The #DoBetterGA rally brought in a large crowd with one common goal: To preserve a fundamental right for women.

Megan Binkley | Avant-Youth

A protester participating in the #DoBetterGA rally at the Georgia State Capitol held her sign high through the sea of people and made sure her voice was heard that day.  

Megan Binkley | Avant-Youth

The men were just as amped as the women were. Many came to show their support for their wives, daughters, and all other females in their lives.

Megan Binkley | Avant-Youth

Laughter and dancing overtook the crowd towards the end. The overall  mood of the crowd shifted from anger to joy because they had accomplished something so much bigger than themselves. You could feel the excitement in the crowd.

Megan Binkley | Avant-Youth

The #DoBetterGA rally had the support of the Atlanta Police Department (APD). As the picture suggests, the environment of the protest was relaxed. 

Megan Binkley | Avant-Youth

The march took a slight pause in order for the rest of the crowd to catch up, but that did not slow its’ momentum. If anything, the voices were louder, and the energy was higher as #DoBetterGA concluded their march


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