Place of Origin: Alpharetta, GA

      Emma Kenfield is an eager young writer with a taste for the unusual and a passion for the truth. She is currently a junior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, studying media and journalism. She reads and writes poetry in her free time, collects Elvis Presley memorabilia and describes her aesthetic as “grandma-chic.” After working as a reporter for a few years, Kenfield wants to become a lawyer, practicing media and First Amendment law. 

What animal would you be, and why?

So, in my family, when you turn 18 years old or you marry into the family, you are ceremoniously deemed an animal. We take this very seriously – even my great-grandmother was given a spirit animal. That being said, I am Goose, daughter of Hyena and Fox, because I am loud, I command the room, I am goofy and unconventional, and I protect those I love. Also, I’ve got a big nose, so that helps.

Fav. Quote: “Do not let the bitterness of the world take away your sweetness.” 



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Imposter Syndrome: Shedding light on a better you

What happens when an entire generation of people, who were raised being told they are lazy, ungrateful and spoiled, enter the workforce alongside the same generations who criticized them?
They develop imposter syndrome.

Cancer Freaking Sucks — Taylor Carr Battles Breast Cancer at 21​

Being diagnosed with breast cancer at 20 would shake anyone. You’re not supposed to wonder whether you’ll live or die at that age.
This is why she initially shrugged off a noticeable lump in her left breast. ‘It will probably go away – maybe it’s a hormone thing,’ she thought. The “hormone thing” became painful though, and she couldn’t shrug it off any longer.