Avant-Y News is an independent news organization with the mission to inform the decisions and actions that’ll lead young people into empowering themselves by relaying actionable stories, informational resources, and delivering relevant insight and life perspectives.

A hyperlocal newsmagazine recognized by the New York Times, we’re also a proud member of the LION publishers group.

AVANT-GARDE: (N.) The advance group in a field, especially in the visual, literary and musical arts. (ADJ.) Unorthodox or daring; radical, primarily in the cultural realm.

Started by a ragtag team of kids, Avant-y News is a multimedia lifestyle newsmagazine for young Georgians, founded with the following principles:

We want to combat widespread misinformation and disinformation through the old-school principles of journalism, while using the latest technologies.

We won’t pretend to be completely “objective” – we’re humans too! Instead, we promise to be accountable and transparent about our processes and methods. Moreover, we promise to be original af: This means creating our own material and giving credit where credit is due.

We promise to not just give you the bad news, but to offer solutions too. We want to be proactive about finding something better, and not settling with whatever “NBD’s.” Our lives are a big deal.

Mainstream media covers mostly about what happened today, but hardly about what happens everyday. It covers the most sensational exceptions, leaving you uninformed about everything else. We hope to redefine what news is about, shifting the focus away from sensation to foundation.

We want to celebrate Atlanta’s youth, no matter the race, sexual orientation, religion or political affiliation. Learning and accepting differences has never been more important. As divisiveness and animosity threaten to strangle our democratic integrity, we work to do our part by inviting people from different backgrounds to speak and listen to each other.

We stay present in the community, because good journalism is about publishing for the people – and that can only be done in a meaningful way if we hang out.

At Avant-Y News, we believe that knowledge is power. For years we have been disappointed in the mainstream media, more specifically with their lack of care in serving our society.

Entertainment is clickbaity, news is misleading and information is often presented with a hidden agenda. Do we know what we need to know for a happy life? Is anything true these days?

These questions matter, and we care a lot about young people like ourselves that have struggled from a lack of answers. We want (and will deliver) news and information you can act on.

To look out for the community means to share knowledge through any form we can think of, with the end result being a more powerful, fulfilled audience.

Avant-y News publishes twice a week: Tuesdays and Fridays.