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Let The Kids Play: High School sports amidst COVID-19

A year has passed since the World Health Organization declared the novel coronavirus a global pandemic on March 11, 2020. Schools closed, the sports world froze and we were all subjected to our homes for months.

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Becoming an Exotic Dancer

When thinking about choosing a specific job, you should always consider the prerequisites and cost that might come with it. [Hint: Stripping is more than just cute outfits and high heels by the way.]

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Nailed it!

Clayton State University junior, Shania Goodman, tapped into a new interest, nail art, during the second semester of her freshman year in college. Although she is majoring in elementary education, Goodman has turned her sights to making money with this trade.

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Iron Hill Brewery: A local’s review

Looking for a new hang out spot in the city? Atlanta has welcomed yet another brewery to its extensive list – Iron Hill Brewery.

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Nick Mathurin: The Young Barber with a Plan

Nicholas Mathurin is a 22-year-old Haitian-American and a hands-on entrepreneur who holds different occupations like being a self-taught barber, photographer and fashion blogger. Although he seems like the man with a plan, it didn’t start that way.

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Boss Up Brunch Female Entrepreneurship And Empowerment: Get Involved​

Amidst the unwelcoming report, six motivated women who are all Atlanta natives gathered their individual skill sets to plan a women empowerment and entrepreneurial event to give their community and fellow working women something to look forward to and help during this time of need.

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Tech bootcamps of Atlanta

While some of us have the time and financial stability to go back to school or teach ourselves some new tech skills, others do not. Where is the middle ground of obtaining these skills to compete in a world of tech? The answer may lie in tech bootcamps.

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