How’re we doing, Atlanta?

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How're we doing, Atlanta?

How're you feeling?

Video story by Matt Schantz, with support from James Hunter. Copy by Judith Y. Kim.

This year’s been a lot. Need we say more?
Juggling news about a circus election, systemic racial injustices and living in a new “normal” pandemic world, we thought to circle back to the basics: How are you doing? How is everyone doing? What’s your current mental health space like, right now?

We shuffled some random dates (Oct. 3 was drawn), multiple neighborhoods too (the BeltLine won), and when we hit the streets the responses were all kinds of… 

Well, alive.

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Matt Schantz

Matt Schantz is in his final year at Kennesaw State University, where he is majoring in Media and Entertainment and minoring in Psychology. He loves movies, music, roller blading and exploring the outdoors. Schantz currently creates short weekly YouTube videos and plans on making full-length films in the future.


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