Introducing Curly Gurlies, a natural hair podcast

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Introducing Curly Gurlies, a natural hair podcast

Welcome to Curly Gurlies, a natural hair podcast brought to you by Avant-Youth. 

Cierra Ward and Leslie Daniels are the show’s hosts. We bring a creative outlook to natural hair, giving you the good, the bad and the ugly.  

The purpose of the podcast is to provide understanding while empowering Black women to be confident in their natural hair. The hosts will be talking about various subject matters like how to style Black hair, the different textures, good products for hair and so much more. 

Curly Gurlies will be the show where you can learn, laugh and if the conversation is heavy, maybe shed a tear – but ultimately we’re here to celebrate what’s naturally you

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Leslie Daniels

Leslie Daniels is a graduate from Georgia Southern University with a degree in Multimedia Journalism. She has a passion for entertaining and informing others, and she hopes to use her talents to become a TV/radio personality. In her leisure time you can find her scrolling through YouTube to find her next hairstyle or roaming through the beauty supply store.


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