Iron Hill Brewery: A local’s review

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Iron Hill Brewery: A local's review

Looking for a new hang out spot in the city? Atlanta has welcomed yet another brewery to its extensive list – Iron Hill Brewery.

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Originating in Delaware, Iron Hill has made a name for itself across the United States and has officially decided to give Atlanta a try since this past December. If you’re looking for a bustling bar with great locally brewed beers and tasty food, Iron Hill Brewery may be for you.

The brewery itself is a modern, lively experience. With a neutral color pallet, warm lighting and sleek furniture it felt luxurious, definitely aesthetically pleasing. 

I went on a Friday night with a coworker for some after-work-week drinks. I was prepared for a crowd. However, I was not prepared for the chaos that was the seating arrangement. 

There was almost no walking space because the tables were nearly touching. If you’re looking to social distance I’d suggest going on a weekday. 

We ended up sitting right beside the kitchen, which I thought wouldn’t be much of an issue. To my disappointment, employees were constantly bumping into us.

Despite the perpetual annoyance of the seating arrangement, the energy in the brewery was really high-spirited and pleasant. Whoever stays on the aux needs a raise. They played music for everyone, from Ariana Grande, Drake, Arctic Monkeys and Blink 182. The music was loud enough for me to sing along with, but not so loud that I felt the need to shout across the table. 

We sat down around 7:30 p.m. Our waiter greeted us and took our drink orders quickly

She decided to try a cocktail called the Homestead Peach Shandy, and I got a flight of beers. The flight consisted of the Peachtree IPA, Philly Vanilli, Iron Hill Lager and Homestead. 

The cocktail was amazing.

It was a light, fruity drink that had a lovely pink color. The taste was very tropical with strong fruity notes, but it wasn’t overwhelmingly sweet, which is what I liked most about it. While the drink was fizzy, it wasn’t as carbonated as a soda. This drink had an airy feel to it.

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The beers were just as delicious, and brewed just steps away from the dining area. 

The Homestead (OG: 1.048 | Color: 3 SRM | IBU: 17 | ABV: 4.6%) is one of their signature beers. It’s an ale that has strong citrus notes to it. The beer did feel a bit heavy, so I’m glad I got just a taste.

The second beer I tried was the Iron Hill Light Lager (OG: 1.038 | Color: 1.8 L | IBU: 10  ABV: 4%). This beer was really light and refreshing! It was crisp and fresh, as any easy-to-drink lager should be. I would definitely order this again. 

The Peachtree IPA  was really interesting. The notes were peachy and fresh, and it would be great on a hot summer’s day. It was a little too heavy to drink with food, but overall, I was not disappointed. 

The last beer, and my personal favorite, was the Philly Vanilli (OG: 1.070 | Color: 5.2 | IBU: 4 | ABV: 5.9%).

The Philly Vanilli was awesome, and different than anything I’ve had before. I was skeptical because it was a “milkshake IPA,” but I was pleasantly surprised! This was a super smooth, intricate beer. Since milkshakes aren’t made thin, the Vanilli was a little thicker than a normal beer, which made it feel really heavy. But, the flavor made up for that. Definitely order it as a dessert beer, not one to drink down a meal.

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While we did enjoy our drinks, the busyness of the restaurant started to interfere with our meal. 

We ordered the calamari for an appetizer at the same time we ordered our drinks. The calamari took roughly 25 minutes to come out, making it not as fresh as we hoped. 

Its arrival marked only the second time our waiter came to see us all night, so we ordered our meals then as well (the Firecracker Mac and Cheese and the Carbonara Tortellini).

While the appetizer was a bit stale, the flavor was still great and the perfect size to share between two people. Although it was fried it wasn’t too greasy, and the flavor was just the right balance between sweet and salty, and the squid meat’s texture was soft. The sauce that it was paired with was the best part – a delicious, savory garlic aioli. Overall, this was my favorite part of our meal.

Our food arrived a little quickly considering we hadn’t had much time to finish the appetizer. That being said, it was obviously very fresh.

The Firecracker Mac n Cheese was absolutely tasty. The combination of creamy cheese plus the crunch of Hot Cheetos on top made for a flavorful dish. I could’ve used a little more spice but, not complaining.

The tortellini had a garlic, aromatic cream sauce, and the bell peppers and bacon gave it just the right amount of saltiness to balance it all out.

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In general, our time was well spent at Iron Hill. 

The service could have been better, and it wasn’t exactly COVID-friendly with closely placed tables. 

The price points are justifiable given Iron Hill’s location in Buckhead, with each meal coming out to be roughly $30 a person. 

I would recommend this place because I would make the trip back. The ambiance was fun, the music was poppin’, and the food and drinks were absolutely delectable. 

If you’re looking to add a new brewery experience in your life, give it a shot.

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