Is it worth the hype? Sugar Factory Review

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Is it worth the hype?
Sugar Factory Review

Known for its huge and super strong alcoholic drinks, the Sugar Factorya celebrity hot spot–is a candy store, restaurant and bar all in one. There are many locations on both the east and west coasts of the United States, including one right here in Atlanta.

The first thing to note is that you must make an appointment, or you won’t be seated. The restaurant uses OpenTable, which is a reservation reward service. As we were making an appointment, we noticed that reservations were taken up a week in advance, so you definitely have to plan early if you want to go.

The Vibe

Cierra + Tucker: The ambiance of Sugar Factory is beautiful. Upon entering, you are greeted with a burst of color from their candy shop and lively pop music.

They had chandeliers, Christmas lights hanging, the cutest picture ops–neon signs, a wall flower covered wall and full-length mirrors.

Tucker: As you’re being sat down, it is actually quite chic in the eating area. In this area, you will see beautiful burgundy couches, sparkling chandeliers and low lighting.

The front candy store area of Sugar Factory. Judith Kim | Avant-Youth

C + T: They played mostly pop music that was pretty loud, so we wouldn’t recommend taking your significant other on a romantic date here. We definitely had to shout to talk to one another.

C: I would recommend bringing a jacket in the winter months because they didn’t have any heat circulating in the building.

C + T: We noticed there wasn’t much social distancing going on. Every table was full, and each party wasn’t exactly six feet apart. The staff were all wearing masks, however. 

The hostess informed us we didn’t have to wear a mask at our table, but that we did have to wear them when we got up from our table to use the bathroom or walk around.

The Service

C: Our waiter Ramon, who was very attentive, brought out waters when he first greeted us. I thought that was very nice and hospitable. He was very energetic and answered all our questions while also giving us pretty much everything that we asked for [literally; our Editor-in-Chief asked for a ladle].

The Drinks

T: Most known for its insta-worthy (and quite strong) drinks, particularly the goblet drinks, Sugar Factory’s drinks are made with all your favorite childhood candies and alcohol. Oh, and the best part? The smoky, bubbly appearance caused by the dry ice.
This gives the drink a magical effect as the alcohol is being poured into the goblet. Cool, right? What’s not to love? For me, it was the $39 price point.

Ramon serving up journalist's Cierra Ward's drink as her colleague Tucker Bedingfield watches. Judith Kim | Avant-Youth
Strawberry Cadillac Reposado Margarita

Cierra: The first thing the waiter asked us to get started with was our drink orders. I ended up ordering one of the big $39 drinks called the Strawberry Cadillac Reposado Margarita. This drink had a very strong taste of alcohol. It consisted of “Villa One Reposado, Grand Marnier, strawberries, triple sec, fresh lime juice, simple syrup and a dash of sweet & sour,” according to their online menu

The Strawberry Cadillac Reposado Margarita was also garnished with pink Cadillac gummies, gummy apple rings and key lime fruit slices (my favorite part). I could definitely taste the strong liquor. The dry ice they poured the mixture on created a soda-like, carbonated taste that I wasn’t too fond of.

Tucker: I ordered the Fuzzy Peach Penguin Mango, designed and tasted by Pitbull, Mr. Worldwide, himself. This was a Voli Vodka drink with peach and mango puree, finished with sparkling citrus soda and gummy candies T: The drink comes out separate from the goblet, which is holding the candy and the dry ice. The server will pour the drink into the goblet from a mixer, after you get your phone out of course, so you get the full explosion of smoke. . The drink itself was quite tasty, but the dry ice ended up giving it a slushie-like texture as it melted, which significantly impacted my ability to enjoy it. The drink is also very sweet. As a cheap beer girl, I wasn’t a fan of this, either, and I found it hard to finish on my own.

C: The Fuzzy Peach Penguin Mango, aka “The Tongue Twister,” was also one of the $39 giant drinks that tastes like orange soda. It was not as strong as the Strawberry Cadillac Reposado Margarita or the Peace, Love & Harmonie, so if you want something light on alcohol taste, I suggest this drink.

T: My recommendation if you’re going here is to skip the goblet drinks and go for the smaller drinks they have, which start at a $15 price point. 

The one we tried was the Peace, Love & Harmonie (made of Hpnotiq Harmonie and natural fruits), and this was my personal favorite. While there was a lot of liquor in this drink, the taste was sweet and smooth. Although the drink lacked the smoke effect, it did not lack pizazz in taste and aesthetics. The drink itself was a lovely purple color, garnished with an edible rose. Still gorgeous enough for the ‘Gram.

Sugar Factory's Peace, Love & Harmonie. Judith Kim | Avant-Youth

C: According to Ramon, the Peace, Love & Harmonie, is one of their most popular drinks along with the Cotton Candy Cosmopolitan. I really enjoyed the fruity taste of the former. It smelled strong, but you couldn’t really taste the alcohol in it, which could be dangerous. This drink was probably my favorite, and I definitely recommend it.

The Food

T: After we ordered our drinks, which took quite a while to come out, we ordered the appetizer sampler for $26. The sampler included chicken tenders, wings, mac-n-cheese bites and onion rings. 

C: My favorite items from the sampler were the onion rings and wings. The onion rings were very crispy, and you could hear the sound of its crunch when you bit into it. They were also seasoned just right. 

Sugar Factory's appetizer sampler plate.
Cierra Ward | Avant-Youth

The buffalo wings were cooked perfectly, making each bite crispy but not too crunchy. The buffalo sauce tasted sweet and tangy, and added a bit of a kick to them (which I enjoyed because I love spicy food).

T: My favorite food items were the chicken wings and onion rings. The chicken wings had a kick but paired well with the ranch, as wings usually do.

The onion rings were very big and crispy, and they paired well with the chipotle ranch. They weren’t anything special, but they were still tasty and had a nice crunch to them.

C: I also thought the chicken tenders and mac & cheese bites tasted very basic. I don’t think the sampler was worth $26, at all, I would definitely only get the buffalo chicken wing appetizer ($14) next time.

T: Agreed, the chicken tenders and mac & cheese bites were bland. The chicken tenders reminded me of the ones from Arby’s. But, I did like the marinara sauce with the mac & cheese bites. It was sweet and gave the bites most of their flavor. 

Overall, the food was not impressive, and we decided against ordering a main course. Next time, I would skip the appetizers and just try a main course.

The Full Experience

T: The experience at the Sugar Factory was very fun. The aura of the restaurant and its personality were so vibrant. That, paired with delicious drinks and good music, makes me believe you’d be guaranteed a good time for a special occasion or a girls night out. But, your good time will come at a price. Our price was $151.99 before tip, and it was for three people.

C: I enjoyed my experience at Sugar Factory as well, for it being my first time. Do I think it’s worth the hype that it generates? Yes. However, you do have to be ready to spend over $100.

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Chris W · December 17, 2020 at 3:30 pm

Great article. I’d like to try this spot. Hopefully they have a jolly rancher flavored cocktail(preferably watermelon) that I can try.

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