Is Keto the key to your weight loss?

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Is Keto the Key to your weight loss?

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Americans have gained weight and are looking for fast ways to lose it. Trying to knock off those extra pounds with few gyms following COVID-19 precautions and a raging pandemic makes people desperate to try new things.

 Keto has become a trendy new diet all over social media. However, before starting any new diet, it’s best to research what’d work for you and your specific needs. Here are some important things to note before hopping on the keto bandwagon.

Keto is a diet that changes the way your body produces energy. Instead of using carbohydrates like fruit and grains to create glucose, it uses ketones, which are generated by the liver when the body is in periods of starvation or fasting. This process is called gluconeogenesis, and it creates glucose. 

Your body uses glucose to generate energy. When glucose levels are normal, the body stores any excess fat that is consumed when you eat. If glucose levels drop, for example, when fasting, the body starts turning fat and amino acids into glucose for energy.  

Keto-friendly dishes like grilled chicken salad with bacon. Leslie Daniels | Avant-Youth
Hot wings are one of the few keto-friendly dishes that don't need to be "remixed."
Leslie Daniels | Avant-Youth

Creating ketones requires the body to change its method of creating energy. In order for your body to create ketones, you have to change the way you eat. The diet consists of high fats, moderate protein and very low carbs. 

In a 2,000 calorie diet, the dietary macronutrients are divided into 55%-60% fats, 30%-35% protein and 5%-10% carbs. A keto diet allows you to eat a lot of different meats, eggs, cheese, butter, oil, fish, nuts, seeds and fibrous vegetables. If you’re a person that enjoys meat, this large diversity of meat makes the diet tolerable.

Maintaining the diet may be challenging at first because it requires giving up tasty foods, for example macaroni and cheese, french fries, pineapples, cakes and cookies. The list of items you can’t have are endless. However, there are many keto-friendly remixes to your favorite foods. 

Quest – keto-friendly cookies and snacks! Leslie Daniels | Avant-Youth

One of my favorites remixes was the lettuce burger, where you just exchange the buns for lettuce and use sugar free ketchup. 

Meal prepping is advised for the keto diet because it’s easier to make sure you are eating correctly. When eating out,- try to stick with vegetables and grilled or baked meat to stay safe. 

Keto does have its shortcomings, such as loss of sleep, bad breath, nausea, vomiting and constipation. Due to the extremities of the diet, people with pre-existing health issues are advised to not try it.

Since the diet requires you to give up heaps of food, you will lose weight. Keto is proven to speed up your metabolism in a short time span. The diet was first used to treat epilepsy patients. It worked well in some cases and allowed the patient to stop taking medication. Now, it has become a way for type 2 diabetic patients to lose weight. 

If followed correctly, keto is proven to help with weight loss without needing to add exercise. However, if you exercise, you may need to add vitamin supplements to your diet because the lack of carbs causes fatigue. Keto is still a new diet that requires some research, so there will be pros and cons. You have to decide if it works for you.

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