Place of Origin: Glendale, CA

    Judith Kim is a hard-nosed journalist with an appetite for the difficult, no matter how controversial. She always has at least 35 tabs open on her Mac, which range from deep TED talks to exposés on the 1st amendment. A former surfer, snowboarder, but current skater and beer-enthusiast, Kim was born in Glendale, California — Kim Kardashian’s hometown.

What animal would you be, and why?

To my friends and family, an owl; to my colleagues, a wolf. I stay up often and protect my own, sometimes a little too fiercely.

Fav. Quote: “It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.” -Herman Melville

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Y’all asked, we answered: Why you should vote

When it comes to our democratic election process, readers wanted to know the “why’s” of voting. Why should one vote?
The AY team collectively came together to answer this inquiry and honestly? We get it. Our one vote oft-seems meaningless if not useless, things appear to be outside our control, the list goes on. No less…

2nd Amendment Part C: History in Context

Various interpretations of the Second Amendment has created a debate amongst people since the introduction of the Bill of Rights. To understand the context of this debate, knowing the history surrounding the amendment will be helpful.

2nd Amendment Part D: Perspectives from a Healthcare Advocate

Two-time cancer conqueror Dorothy Leone-Glasser stood to walk three steps from the long, wooden bench. The fact that she can walk at all is admirable. She had been confined to a wheelchair for years, battling systemic lupus. But today, we met for another reason: To discuss gun violence prevention from a different framework, namely, a public health framework specifically in Georgia.

27-year-old Everton Blair talks Education, Locality and his Homecoming

Everton Blair was 26 when he won the District 4 seat on the Gwinnett County Board of Education. When we met, his attitude and presence that echoed one of his own inspiration: former President Barack Obama. After studying at Harvard and Stanford University, he came back to his hometown with a mission.

Resilient Youth Asserts “Homelessness is a verb, not an adjective”

I’ve met and interviewed many who were homeless, but none have been quite like 22-year-old AJ Thomson. We spoke over the phone for about 12 minutes before I stopped and asked if he could come to my home office. He surprisingly agreed. Thirty minutes later, a slender, well-dressed man was at the door.