Basic rules and guidelines...

  • Don’t hate. While we love putting our community’s voices out there, we refuse to disseminate any letters of hatred or wrongful villainization, because fuck that noise.
  • Check yourself. While the editors of Avant-Youth will do their best to fact-check various assertions, it is ultimately up to you to ensure that you have the sources to back the talk you talk.
  • Be yourself, please. While we’re huge fans of the First Amendment, we ask that your letter be original [in that yes, you are the person who wrote it]. Moreover, feel free to speak about any topic that you deem important, regardless of whether or not we’ve covered it ourselves.
  • We’ll try to love you back. While we may proofread your letter for any grammatical errors, we’ll try our absolute best to maintain your voice and message to the public at large. Upon publication, we’ll notify you immediately so that you may correct any edits made.
  • Have some courage – in your observations, judgments and especially yourself. Also understand that, in hitting the “SUBMIT” button below, you agree to abide by these basic rules and guidelines.