Libra Horoscope 2021 (September 22 – October 22)

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Libra Horoscope 2021 (September 22 - October 22)


Judgment | The Devil | Page of Wands

Last season found you stuck between a rock and hard place. The only options available then were to do nothing or choose a lesser evil. No matter what path you took, the decision is still haunting you. It’s time to let go of the past and move forward. 

Think of this as a study break. You can’t focus on AP History for five hours straight and you can’t function when stressed to the max. Stress has put blinders on life that make things seem much more difficult than they actually are. Your job seems like a dead end and everything good about your relationships is quickly vanishing. 

Step back and breathe. It’s time to find that spark that made you love your job and your partner. Don’t worry about not feeling centered or focused. You’re not right now. Make time for yourself to figure out what to do next.

Aries tarot cards. Imani Benjamin-Wharton | Avant-Youth


Eight of Pentacles | Six of Pentacles | Strength

Feeling stuck may be a trend in Libra. Nothing feels like it’s going in the right direction or moving at all. Whether or not you’re taking your time or higher-ups are pumping your brakes, enjoy your free time.

Brush up on a new skill or start something new. This is the chance you need to elevate yourself. So get ready to grab the coming opportunity by the horns. 

Just because the chance is there, doesn’t mean it’ll be easy to get. Whether you’re moving up or branching out, make yourself the very best you can be. 


 Page of Cups | Ten of Pentacles | The Tower

You’re inquisitive by nature and never let anything go until you’ve figured it out completely. Your current project has you stumped. No matter what angle you tackle it from, completion remains a mystery. It’s time to get an impartial outside perspective. 

You’re too closely involved to see what the problem is. A new set of eyes can help you figure out the worst-case scenario. They’ll help you see that all is not lost. Whatever the situation, something can be salvaged. They’ll help ease you through this strange, new situation and the change that comes with it. 


Wheel of Fortune | Knight of Cups | Nine of Cups

In the hustle and bustle of Virgo, your personal projects got put on the back burner. You were so concerned about how to move on without upsetting others, you weren’t able to concentrate on your goals. Now that you’re unburdened, you can give your interests your full attention. 

The newfound calm is great for the workplace. Now that you’re focused, you’re building better relationships with colleagues. Solving conflicts and completing projects is easier now that you have the energy and time.

This period of calm has changed how you look at work. The career path you thought you wanted doesn’t hold the same appeal. There’s no shame in feeling lost, but lucky for you, you got a chance to go back to the drawing board. Take this time to figure out what you really want from life.

Cancer tarot cards. Imani Benjamin-Wharton | Avant-Youth


Ten of Cups | The Hanged Man | Six of Swords

The universe has thrown a monkey wrench into your plans. It’s frustrating that no matter what happens, your plans don’t get completed. Even though it feels like nothing is going your way, don’t give up. Remember this time of darkness will pass. 

Things are changing, they’re just changing slowly. It’s time to see whether or not you like the direction you’re heading. There are things you can do to smooth this transition. Settle problems in the office and try to foster synergy, or improve aspects of your personal relationship. 

You can solve current problems on your own or let the cards fall where they will. Just know if it doesn’t go the way you want, it may be time to hit the road.   


 The Lovers | The Fool | Two of Cups

After a lot of change last season, things are slowing down. If office drama isn’t eating up your productivity, romantic problems are distracting you. Where these conflicts are concerned, it’s time to start fresh. 

Try to see these relationships with a fresh set of eyes. Rediscover your partner and aspects of his or her personality you’re fond of. Sometimes, relationships need work as people grow. Nurture the relationship so that the people you are now can still be together, later. 

Mutual understanding and communication are the glue of all relationships. So whether it’s romantic or professional, do what you can to work around the hiccups and pitfalls of everyday life. As long as you communicate, you’ll get each other through thick and thin.


Three of Swords | Page of Wands | Nine of Cups 

After a season of personal strife, your problems are coming to an end. An olive branch has been extended and old conflicts are being put to rest. But just because friendly words have been exchanged, doesn’t mean the damage done hasn’t been undone. You’ve done wrong, and it’s time to fix it. 

Don’t get frustrated at the pace forgiveness takes. You may be the party at fault and you don’t get to determine how fast or long it will take for the other person to forgive you. A simple sorry is like putting a bandaid over a bullet wound and hoping for the best. 

Rediscover the depths this previous relationship had. Maybe you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the person. On the other hand, you may never recover that closeness. Whatever the outcome, use this as an opportunity for growth. You have the potential to be a better person, so commit to it.

Libra tarot cards. Imani Benjamin-Wharton | Avant-Youth


The Lovers | Temperance | Six of Cups

Commitment isn’t a problem for you. You and your partner have a certain synergy that would make telepaths jealous. The reason you guys work so well together is how you communicate. Clear, open communication and understanding have helped your relationship to this point. It’ll help it last. 

Being considerate and patient with your partner will build strong bonds that will weather future storms. While this relationship has given you plenty of fond memories to look back on, don’t get stuck in the past. 

Both of you are changing for the better and the people you used to be, belong in the past. Keep your eyes forward and keep making great memories. 


The Universe | The Moon | The Magician

Whatever you set out to complete in Virgo, it’s finished. It was a slog but you can pat yourself on the back for a job well done! But now that your hands are free, another issue has dropped onto your lap. 

Without anything occupying your mind and your time, intrusive thoughts that made last season difficult have started worming their way back. Are you on the right career path? Are you doing your best in Life? Are you with the right person? 

Instead of burying those thoughts deep down, confront them. This is a time for self-exploration and when you find the answers you’re looking for, use them to advance yourself. The better you understand yourself now, the better you perform in the future. 


The Hierophant| King of Cups| Five of Wands

You’re an earth sign, ergo, making plans and sticking to them is your bread and butter. But sometimes going against the grain is what you need to succeed. Instead of following a tried-and-tested path to success, try something different. If doing so doesn’t get the right results the first time, try something else. 

That “something else” might be a new job. Your current job might be holding you back. Good pay doesn’t always mean you’re fulfilled in life. Whatever excitement you once felt for the job is quickly draining away. 

This doesn’t bode well for your workplace relationships either. The competition you’re facing for a raise or promotion is fierce. Who knows what they’re willing to do to succeed – or what you’ll sacrifice to get ahead. Consider this a serious call to figure out your next step.

Capricorn tarot cards. Imani Benjamin-Wharton | Avant-Youth


Nine of Pentacles | The Devil | Five of Wands

After coming out of your shell in Virgo, things have been going great. You’re looking at a new relationship or a new job that invigorates you. However, you aren’t free from the habits that kept you back. 

Whether it was spending more than you had or shutting out well-meaning friends to wallow in your thoughts, you can’t cripple yourself again. 

It’s time to fight these crap habits off. Don’t let your past self destroy what you’ve built. Your path to greatness wasn’t easy, and keeping it won’t be easy either. But as you make your way forward, consider how much you want to keep what you’ve gained. 


The Empress | The High Priestess | Five of Swords 

The work environment of Virgo has shifted, your boss isn’t breathing down your neck or disrespecting your boundaries. You enjoy work and it’s something you can put your all into. You’ve finally found a place to thrive. 

Since you aren’t worrying about work, other parts of your life are being positively affected. You have the time and energy to enjoy personal relationships. Friendships are blooming, your work relationships are productive and romantic relationships are more honest and intimate. 

The things that stress you out are in the past. It’s smooth sailing here. 

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