Avant-Y News Logo, Brand, Reprint Guidelines

The Avant-Y News logo is the most visible symbol of our organization’s brand. In order to ensure clarity and consistency, the branding guidelines below will help you to determine the best way to use the Avant-Y News logo.


For all permitted uses of our trademarks, you may not:

  • Alter the Avant-Y News’s logos in any way (distort, change colors, edit or recreate) without prior consent from Avant.
  • Place a logo in such proximity to other content that it is indistinguishable.
  • Display our logos in a manner that implies a relationship, affiliation or endorsement by Avant-Y News of your product, service or business.
  • Use the Avant-Y News’s logo in a way that is harmful, deceptive, obscene or otherwise objectionable.
  • Use our logos to, or in connection with, content that disparages us or sullies Avant-Y News’s reputation.


Be sure to provide adequate space around the logo to maintain its legibility and integrity. The amount of space is proportional to the size of the logo. The minimum amount of space around all sides of the logo is equal to the distance between the bars.


Color brings visual interest to Avant-Y News’s communications, helps to maintain a consistent look and feel and differentiates us from other organizations. To ensure accurate color reproduction, the colors for all applications should match the CMYK (process), RGB (desktop) or HEX (Web) specifications:

Click image for a downloadable version

Avant-Y News Navy

CMYK: 97, 42, 0, 66

RGB: 3, 50, 86

HEX: #033256

Avant-Y News Salmon Pink

CMYK: 0, 62, 56, 14

RGB: 219, 84, 97

HEX: #db5461

Avant-Y News Off-White

CMYK: 0, 3, 5, 2

RGB: 250, 243, 237

HEX: #faf3ed

Avant-Y News Grey

CMYK: 1, 0, 2, 68

RGB: 80, 81, 79

HEX: #50514f

Avant-Y News Purple

CMYK: 38, 37, 0, 55

RGB: 71, 73, 115

HEX: #474973

When color or printing prohibits using the enumerated colors, it may be used in all black or reversed out to white only — no other colors may be substituted. The logo can appear on color, illustration or photographic backgrounds as long as the legibility and integrity of the logo are not diminished.

To download each logo, click the link to open the file in a new browser.