Place of Origin: Tacoma, WA

  Gabriel Ossa is a Georgia State student majoring in film and media, and he’s been living in Georgia since he was 5. Ossa’s family comes from Puerto-Rican and Colombian descent, and he has lived in Puerto Rico for a year and has visited Colombia for a few weeks. His father was a Command Sergeant Major in the Army, and he is the main driving force as to why Ossa enlisted when he was 17. Ossa has a passion for all things film and communications, and he is super happy to have found an opportunity to hone his skills.

What animal would you be, and why?

A penguin, because they slide around with their homies everyday and swim and it just sounds amazing.

Fav. Quote: “What’s your life worth without a story to tell, and why wield a word like worth if you’ve got nothing to sell?” -Shane Koyczan

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