Place of Origin: Montgomery, AL

    Hagen McMenemy is a graduate of the University of Alabama and veteran of the U.S. Army. During his time in the military, he was a paratrooper that launched himself from various aircraft. He wants to manage the social media accounts of companies that align with his personal interests and values, and would one day like to live in Tokyo, Japan.

What animal would you be, and why?

I would like to be a cat because they are able to do anything they wish while their “owners” bend to their will!

Fav. Quote“He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.” – Friedrich Nietzche

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Rayshard Brooks protests at Wendy’s

Rayshard Brooks protests at Downtown Wendy’s UPDATED: June 28, 2020 at 7:56 p.m. Protestors created a memorial leaving flowers, shirts, balloons, and gifts at the Wendy’s on University Ave where Rayshard Brooks was killed. Hagen

Working Retail During a Pandemic

Beyond the ‘rona media cycle, my first moments of having the gravity of the situation put into perspective was at my job at a major retailer that primarily sells electronic goods. Shortly after my last shift, I became short of breath with a tightness in my chest and also developed a dry cough.