Place of Origin: New York, NY

     Isabelle Bousquette is a New York native with a passion for storytelling in all of its forms. Her main claim to fame is her viral popcorn poem which was featured on the BBC.  She has also received accolades for her slam poetry and live storytelling at The Moth. Bousquette has her Master’s in Shakespeare from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. She spends her free time jogging and blogging and inadvertently rhyming. 

What animal would you be, and why?  I’d be a kangaroo. I’m bouncy and easily excited. And also, I love pockets.

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Stories by this Journalist...

Hookup Culture is a Culture of Shame

Hookup culture is an offshoot of the free love movement of the 60s. It celebrates sexual expression, sexual liberation and, of course, sex itself. In many places, especially on college campuses, hookup culture is the norm–it’s something all students encounter. But most half-heartedly engage in it, without finding it very fulfilling.