Place of Origin: Atlanta, GA

    James Hunter is a bilingual journalist and production assistant based in Atlanta. He enjoys traveling, hiking and cooking while maintaining a healthy obsession with combat sports. Hunter’s love of people and new experiences give him a curious nature with a desire to understand our world.

What animal would you be, and why?

A fox. Foxes are cunning and see through deception quite well. Additionally I pride myself on being able to think quickly and clearly in high stress situations.

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2A: Local Resources Network

Anyone with the intention of handling or shooting a firearm has a duty to educate him or herself before picking it up. For those curious souls who have never used a firearm, local classes with knowledgeable, certified instructors are a great place to start.

2nd Amendment Part B: Parts of a Gun

The next step in our mission to educate, inform and provide resources to Georgians: We examine the composition and functionality of firearms, as well as explain how to fully unload a firearm and discuss the four cardinal rules of safety. We aim to bring general awareness to the matter.

2nd Amendment, Part A: Georgia Gun Laws 101

In situations involving firearms, it is most important to remain calm before reacting. Georgia has some of the most lenient gun laws when it comes to the purchase, possession and carry of firearms.

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