Pass The Mic with Darii G

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Pass The Mic with Darii G

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Rap has cultivated each decade since its origins, making it one of the most popular genres of music today. 

 The ongoing competition to be the next big-time rapper is a fierce one. One that upholds flow, rhythm, lyricism and style to the highest standard. 

The fight to prove your worth is constant, especially for rappers like Darii G.

Darius Gillard, also known as Darii G, is one of many young underground rappers.

Although many look at rapping as a platform to obtain quicker cash, most don’t know about the dedication, advertising, hustle and practice that comes with it. 

As an independent rapper, Darii G explains how he deals with being solo. “You should do what you want and what you feel. Just keep perfecting your craft.”

 Releasing his EP titled “Vibez 4 Dayz” this past February, Darii G is making moves to become mainstream.

 However, early on he struggled with the thought of being rejected. “I was my biggest enemy. I was always thinking about my music. Personally, I didn’t care what people thought of me, but I cared when it came to my music,” said Darii G.

Despite self-doubt and discouragement, he believed that it was time to present his music publicly. On the EP “Vibez 4 Dayz,” Darii G raps about the typical fast cars, money and women like other rappers.

Upon reviewing his work, I found myself humming the to songs long after I stopped listening. Even though the lyrics seem generic, the words themselves are undoubtedly catchy.

You can find Darii G on Twitter and Instagram @official_dariig and you can find his EP on music streaming services like Soundcloud, Spotify and Apple Music.

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