Putting the “Self” in Self-love

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Putting the "Self" in Self-love

Johnny Self. Photo Courtesy of the Self

Johnny Self, a 28-year-old graduate from Georgia State University, prides himself on styling clothes different than everyone else. He wants his clothing company, Self Supply, to be impactful and have a positive message behind it. Self Supply has a simple yet powerful purpose: Remind people to love themselves first. 

Self had to learn that purpose for himself. He did not feel like he belonged in the small town of Adairsville, Georgia. He could never fit in with his peers at school. Self explained that “everyone goes through periods of life where they don’t belong. They don’t like they themselves, and might not feel like part of their own family.

As negative as it may sound, his experience of feeling like an outcast made him the person he is today. What Self went through became a huge factor behind the message of Self Supply. He took the black sheep approach and applied it to his business. 

Self believes that many brands die because they try hard to box themselves inside an image they believe people want to see. He is not concerned with fitting into a mold and created a brand that has no direct target audience. Self Supply is “streetwear for everybody” because there is no age limit on loving yourself. 

Photo Courtesy of Self Supply

Starting his own business did present some challenges. Although his college experience working for Georgia State’s marketing department gave him a background in marketing, graphic design and advertising, Self still found it difficult to decide what prices to charge, who will help with manufacturing, distribution and what processes to use when creating the clothes. After nearly five months of trial and error, Self was able to drop his first collection entitled Self Love. 

Fans rock "Self Love" by Johnny Self.
Photo Courtesy of Self Supply

The Self Love collection puts action behind its theme. While Self makes sure to get his message across through the clothes, he donates 10 percent of all his profits to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Mental health is important for every age, which is another reason that Self Supply is a brand for everybody. 

Self plans to drop another lookbook for a new collection by December 2019. Although the theme of his next line has yet to be revealed, look forward to another courageous message that might provide a call to action. 

“To spread love, one must know love, and to love another, one must love themselves first,” Self said on his website.

Johnny Self couldn’t have said it any better.

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