Reducing the Stress of Remote Work: A Digital Toolkit

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Reducing the Stress of Remote Work: A Digital Toolkit

Since the past year, many people have moved from their office at work to their home, changing to remote working. It can be an extreme change for those who are not used to these types of conditions. Working remotely can come in the form of anything that is done away from the office, so that means it can take place anywhere. 

In 2020, a survey showed that only 8% of remote workers were laid off versus the 24% of non-remote workers. Based on the numbers, it only makes sense to find more ways to make telecommuting work. 

The challenges that are associated with remote working are managing projects, collaborations, tracking tasks, different time zones, staying motivated, avoiding distractions and unplugging from work. Most of the problems linked with remote working can be managed with the use of smart applications. 

In my opinion there are more positives in remote working than negative. For example, working from home allows you to have flexibility and comfort,manage your own time, and save money from the commute.There are a few apps that can assist in making the move from the work office, to wherever you choose, easier. The apps that I suggest are  Google Drive, Group Me, Calendly,, Trello and Slack. 

Google Drive is a tool that allows you to store any type of file on the Google Cloud, granting you access anywhere. 

  1. The application helps you keep track of what is important by highlighting it on the main page. 
  2. The best part of Google Drive is that you are notified when team members make modifications to any of your files, making the collaboration process simpler. 

GroupMe is another tool I would suggest to keep your team in the loop. 

  1. It takes the headache away from working remotely by connecting you to your teammates at your fingertips. 
  2. Unlike other applications GroupMe allows you to either use the app to communicate or receive messages through SMS.When things are hectic and you need a break you can use the mute feature. 
  3. The application has some updates that include being able to share location so it’s no longer a problem finding a coworker. GroupMe is a great tool for communicating with your team. 

If you are often busy and can’t make the time to set meetings, Calendly is the tool you can use. 

Calendly is an application that shares your availability and allows others to essentially book your time.

  1. The app ends the cycle of phone tag and trying to figure out a time that works best between you and another. 
  2. You are able to pick location, time and length of meeting, when creating the meeting. 
  3. When you’re overwhlemed you can use calendly built in workflow to remind you of all your plans. helps you keep focused by playing music that eliminates distractions and increases brain activity. The app has the option to play all day or be timed to play when you need it. If you’re like myself and just can’t concentrate, you can use to keep you on track. 

Trello is utilized to help manage the team’s activities and project progression. 

  1. There is a board that separates tasks and shows the development of each assignment. Each section is broken down into a list: To-do, being done and done. This allows the team to accurately track what needs to be done, so nothing is left undone. 
  2. Cards hold all relevant information about said assignments, including due dates, who’s responsible for each task, checklist and attachments. 
  3. There is a built-in butler that automates the tediously small task, turning those into workflows. The integration of apps such as Google Drive and Slack makes this app a winner for most teams. 

Slack is a workplace chat box, in its simplest form, but it can be used for much more.

  1.  The many plug-ins (Trello, Google Drive, G-mail and Google Calendar) make “Slack” a staple for communication and staying organized easily. 
  2. Slack allows your team to create separate chat channels to discuss different ideas or break the teams down into smaller groups. You are in charge of the chat preferences. 
  3. The Workflow Builder is a new Slack feature that makes tedious duties simple. 
  4. Never worry about finding something, the app has a search box to look for messages or files. 
  5. If ever the desire to speak with someone outside of your respected company arises, it is now feasible with Slack Connect, connecting you to who you need. 

The change from the work office to remote isn’t bad when you have the right tools. Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Meet, Trello and Slack are the components to render this change possible. All of these apps work well together and create a great work flow. 

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