Editor’s PrefaceIn publishing the Second Amendment series, it is not our intent to explicitly endorse nor encourage gun violence, or gun use per se. Due to recent and past mass shootings, our hope is to educate the individual for him or herself, to illuminate understanding and to incite cooperation amongst one another. This is our attempt to work within the current State of the Union.

The Second Amendment Series

The United States is in an uproar over the Second Amendment – it has been for the last few decades.

And not much has been done about it.

Like our fellow citizens and readers, we’re tired of seeing nothing done. We’re tired of not seeing viable solutions suggested on how to preserve our right to self-defense, while reducing the amount–let alone rate–of gun violence from both parties. In an attempt to do our part we’re releasing the second amendment series, which is structured as follows:

(A) Georgia Gun Laws 101: Details and explains local municipality and state laws, compared to federal laws.

          Published September 12, 2019

(B) Parts of a Gun: An overview of gun parts and ammunition, and how to disarm a fully loaded weapon.

          Published September 20, 2019

(C) History in Context: A rundown of the nation’s history and foundation, and where guns have played a role in them–therefore understanding how its historical meaning underlies its constitutional value and the American integrity.

          Published October 31, 2019

(D) Perspectives: Insight from those in the firearm industry and public policy.

 – Dorothy from ARxC approaches gun violence from a public health framework.

          Published September 26, 2019

 – BrassDroppers: A young, black gun owner starts a business teaching fire arm safety.

          Published October 17, 2019

(E) Local Firearm Resources: Where and how people can help themselves to learn more about gun laws, firearm use, etc.

         Published November 14, 2019

(F) Policy Proposal: We propose some ideas and thoughts surrounding public policy on the Second Amendment.

          Release Date: TBD

UPDATED: November 18, 2019 12:26 a.m.