Single or not: Dating while quarantining

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Single or not: Dating while quarantining

Dating in Atlanta can be tough to navigate and may sometimes feel like a rollercoaster. Add quarantining into the mix, and your life could quickly turn into a wild ride. 

Whether you are single or in a relationship, there are plenty of things to do to pass the time while still living your life. Local parks are still open, restaurants are still serving food to go, and there are lots of dating sites and apps to join if you’re in the singles party. 

If you choose to stay in, streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime TV can help ease the stress of missing outdoors.

    1. Single or not: Binge Watch the Day Away

    Quality content (depending on who you ask) is popping up everywhere. Single or not, sharing a favorite show with someone is a great way to bond and have someone to talk over your thoughts with. If you’re looking for suggestions, Netflix has Too Hot to Handle, Tiger King and All American. On Hulu, Kerry Washington and Reese Witherspoon’s new drama Little Fires Everywhere has spectators already on the edge of their seats for next season. 

    But new isn’t always better. If you’re interested in binging a great show that has a few seasons under its belt, you could try Snowfall or The Office. For a show that’s just as hilarious as it is awkward, check out Issa Rae’s Insecure. The series premiered its fourth season on HBO this past April. 

    You can also always go back and watch one of your favorite series from the beginning to kill time, such as The Wire, Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones. These shows are accessible on Roku boxes, OnDemand, HULU, Netflix and jail-broken firesticks. 

    2. Single: Date Virtually

    Being single in Atlanta is awesome until a global pandemic hits. If you’re single, you’re probably used to meeting people at bars, restaurants or the gym. With those luxuries gone, we’re turning towards social dating sites such as Bumble, Hinge and Tinder a lot more [especially since some of us have more free time]. 

    Hinge allows singles to see the different qualities potential matches possess, and has a built-in video chat feature so that you don’t have to give your number (at least not right away). There are preferences on the app that allow you to pick your height requirements, your deal-breakers and religious preferences. You also have the ability to see the person’s age, location and occupation. With the ability to show others if you have kids, want kids, smoke weed or drink, you can be as upfront as you’re ready to be while showcasing your personality through Hinge’s unique questions.

    As the pandemic forces us to be more careful about who we interact with, virtual dating allows us to focus more on an individual’s personality and a little less on physicality. Until you decide to take the risk of meeting in-person, of course, but it’s nice to first see if this person is somewhat decent.

    3. Single or not: Move your body

    No matter your relationship status, everyone needs exercise. Luckily, state parks are still open despite the shutdown. 

    If you are in a relationship, you and bae can find the nearest green space and get a good workout now that the weather has officially broken. 

    If you’re single and want to meet up with someone from a dating site and don’t feel comfortable meeting at anyone’s house, the park is the perfect place. There will be plenty of witnesses if anything crazy was to pop off. Not only do you have time to work on your body, but you can also meet someone new and spend quality time with them.

    4. Single or not: FaceTime dates
    Though it is not our ideal, dating throughout this pandemic is important in us living our lives. Humans are naturally social animals, so stay connected. Gabe Ossa | Avant-Youth

    FaceTime has been popular since its debut on Apple’s iPhone, and long-distance lovers have been utilizing this feature for years. It’s simple and gets the job done. 

    Scared you are going to contract the virus, but miss your boo? FaceTime. Meet someone on a dating app and want to make sure they aren’t catfishing you? FaceTime. Can’t get on a flight because of all the precautions? FaceTime. 

    You shouldn’t only FaceTime potential baes and long distance partners – it is also important to FaceTime your friends and family members. Zoom, a big video chatting app, has been a hit for families and employees trying to stay connected. So even without an iPhone, you can see and connect with your loved ones.

    5. Single or not: Learn a new hobby

    Now is the perfect time to focus on you. 

    Yes, being in a relationship is great, and so is being single. However, at the end of the day everyone dies alone. Not to sound morbid or be a Debbie Downer, but making yourself happy is a very important skill and part of life. 

    So while you’re home, try something new. That camera you always wanted to buy? Get it. Guitar lessons? Find some virtual classes. Want to get in the kitchen more? Google a recipe you’ve never tried before, or call your grandma and ask her to help you make her favorite dish. The opportunities are endless. 

    Never again probably in our lifetimes will we have the opportunity to sit at home and literally focus on ourselves. Not going into an office or not being able to see friends have worn us down at some point. We must learn how to make the most of our limited time. Self-improvement could be the greatest gift you receive during these uncertain times. 

    Dating while quarantining will allow you to know your partner better if you are in a relationship. There’s ample time for you to talk, bond, binge watch and take trips to the park (in fact, you’d have so much time that you may even argue, but can recover and get better from understanding one another on a deeper level). 

    If you are single, you’ll experience some boundary challenges with meeting new people or finding a cute spot to make introductions. 

    No less, with the right determination and an open mind, you can still enjoy life and get to know yourself and your future partner better. 

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