South Atlanta’s Woosa Li : A young woman rapper with talent

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South Atlanta’s Woosa Li : A young woman rapper with talent

A young woman with talent and a dream: that’s the best way to describe Aliyah Gill, better known as Woosa Li or Mermaid, a name she gave herself based on her love for the mythical sea creatures. She would like to think of herself similarly. Woosa Li is a nickname her mom gave her that stuck.

As an up-and-coming indie artist, Woosa Li is taking the Atlanta music scene by storm. Raised on the southside of Atlanta, Woosa Li is not new to rapping. She has been writing tunes since she was in a music group in middle school. What began as writing poetry and freestyling has now opened doors for her. 

Within the last eight months, she decided to take her craft seriously and seek management from Sonicboom Music Group. Doing shows in different cities, Woosa Li is popping, saying, “I’m having fun with this” – and as she should. With 9,000 Pandora streams and 12,000 on Spotify, things are looking up for the new artist.

Music is therapy for many, as it is with Woosa Li. She creates her music to spark change and inspire young women. Her music style is similar to that of Nicki Minaj, she says. 

Writing about sex and men is not an interest of Woosa Li. She’d much rather talk about getting money, being successful or the lifestyle she lives. 

Woosa Li is a college-educated, self-starter that wants to know it all. As a recent graduate from the University of West Georgia, her future is very bright, She wants to learn new instruments to further her musical expertise. 

In the entertainment industry, you can experience a totally different new world, complete with its unique perks and difficulties, so for newcomers, it is sometimes tough to navigate.  Being in the music industry, Woosa Li has picked up a few tips she’d like to share: 

  • See who has your best interest. 
  • Don’t burn yourself out. 
  • Get a manager. 
  • Don’t ruin your reputation by doing the wrong things. 
  • Stay in your lane. Stick to the things you love and are good at, don’t just do something because everyone else is doing it.

Big Woo, (a hype name for Woosa Li) is just getting started with no plans on stopping, releasing another album this year titled “Mermaid 2.”

You can find Woosa Li’s music on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube

Woosa Li’s music to me is more than enjoyable, it puts me in a good mood. Her music makes me want to work harder, ignore all haters and just focus on my goals and aspirations. “The Shit that I’m on these bitches can’t buy it”, Woosa Li provides a vibe that others can’t give. 

 If you haven’t heard “Mermaid 1,” have a listen.

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