Tech bootcamps of Atlanta

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Tech Bootcamps of Atlanta

The age of technology is upon us and it’s time we adapt. While some of us have the time and financial stability to go back to school or teach ourselves some of these unique skills, others do not. Where is the middle ground of obtaining these skills to compete in a world of tech? The answer may lie in tech bootcamps.

There exists an array of boot camps in Atlanta (and online if you’re technologically inclined). Some focus heavily on the coding aspect of tech — such as software development and cyber security. Others like to concentrate on the business side of tech and how to speak the language of the trade — UX and UI strategy, otherwise known as product design. 

Below is a list of some of the top bootcamps and a brief summary of what they each offer:

They offer a range of courses from product design to programming using Python (an intense computer language). Like many of these bootcamps, they offer full-time, part-time and online classes to accommodate your schedule. This is the most popular school in Atlanta due to the countless programs offered and highly praised staff. 

Prices of these classes range from around $4,000 to about $16,000. Pricey? Yes. Worth it? It all depends on what you’re willing to put into the class. 

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This school costs a lot more for the classes that it offers ($12,000-$17,000), but the longer duration and intensity seem valuable. Flatiron has a high employment rate in the software engineering field upon graduation. Students who don’t find employment in the field within six months after graduation receive a full refund, which puts pressure on the staff to really push you to find that job for which you worked so hard. Reviews of this school rave over their dedication to career services, so you’re almost guaranteed to find work. 

Attending a bootcamp at Georgia Tech appeals to many people, mostly because of the name attached to it. They comprise their staff of professionals and veterans of the discipline. Georgia Tech’s programs present a solid middle ground between the two aforementioned schools; their mid-range prices ($9,000 to $10,000) and various courses are incredibly enticing. 

Lambda is completely online and is relatively new in the tech world. The guy who started it, Austen Allred, created the school to boost the number of software engineers in a growing industry – for 17% of your salary for two years (and no more than $30,000). 

The shtick here is that you pay nothing until you secure a job in your studied field that pays $50,000 or more, so career service incentives are high. I include this school because it’s on the rise in tech education, and was recently ranked the number one bootcamp school available. It offers all the same courses as any other school, and allows the affordability of working from home. 

If you’re interested in getting your foot in the door in the world of tech, a solid bootcamp such as these may be the way forward. The cost and time efficiency ease a career change well, and applying to each school is frictionless.

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