Place of Origin: Atlanta, GA

     Tierra Ola is a dedicated writer and journalist with a habit of preparation and collecting facts to deliver the truth. Whether she is blogging or reporting, Ola finds writing to be second nature and peaceful. Currently attending Georgia State University, she is majoring in Journalism and plans to obtain her Master’s degree by 2025. One of her biggest goals in Journalism is to write and create a documentary that will expose corruption and become a novelist at some point. 

What animal would you be, and why?  If I were an animal, I’d be a butterfly. Butterflies are majestic, rare and difficult to catch–just like me! They also tend to go wherever their wings lead them, and that is how I am with my heart.

Fav. Quote: “A wise girl knows her limits, a smart girl knows she has none!” –Marilyn Monroe

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Stories by this Journalist...

For the Culture: Similarities and Differences between Africans and Black Americans

When I think about how it feels to be Black in America, I am think of a famous quote by James Baldwin, an American novelist, activist, and poet who is known for his ideologies on race, class, and sex in the United States: “To be a Negro in this country and relatively conscious is to be in a state of rage almost all of the time.”
But, we at war amongst ourselves, too.

Pass The Mic with Darii G

Despite self-doubt and discouragement, he believed that it was time to present his music publicly.

Nick Mathurin: The Young Barber with a Plan

Nicholas Mathurin is a 22-year-old Haitian-American and a hands-on entrepreneur who holds different occupations like being a self-taught barber, photographer and fashion blogger. Although he seems like the man with a plan, it didn’t start that way.

WitchTok: The Beginner Guide for Spiritual Seekers

Have you noticed more #Witchtok videos on your “For You” page recently? Never fear, you are not alone.
Across various media platforms, there is piquing interest in different spiritual customs and beliefs amongst the youth.