A Conversation with Tuki Carter

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A Conversation with Tuki Carter

It is very rare when one comes across a person that is blessed with not one gift, but several. True artists embrace being unique, and they impact their audience in a multitude of ways: Tuki Carter fits this description perfectly. A unique artist in his own right, Carter resides in Atlanta, Georgia, and holds not one or two distinct titles, but three: rapper, tattoo artist and entrepreneur.

Carter grew up in California during the 1990s–a historic time due to the Rodney King LA Riots and the Hip-Hop revolution of gangster rap that took the West Coast and the world by storm. Carter explains during his one-on-one interview how living in that era shaped him as a man today. 

In 2007 his life changed when he met Cameron Thomaz, better known as Wiz Khalifa, who at the time was an up-and-coming rapper out of Pittsburg. Carter and Wiz soon became close friends, then Carter became a member of Taylor Gang, Wiz Khalifa’s music and entertainment label. 

Carter wasn’t afraid to admit that he is not your average artist. He does not care about all the luxuries the rap industry offers. Making quality music, being original and creative is more important. 

Carter owns City of Ink tattoo shop as well as Closette, a popular event space and art gallery, which are both located in Atlanta’s Castleberry neighborhood. Carter explained the significance of entrepreneurship, and how it was important for him as a black man to create his own lane. Carter never envisioned himself running day-to-day operations of multiple stores. Although his childhood environment exposed negative ways to make money, such as selling drugs or hustling, Carter knew that life was not for him.

Despite his impressive reputation as a successful tattoo artist [he’s inked names like Young Jeezy, Rick Ross and Usher] and notable rapper, Carter explains that the biggest blessing in his life is his daughter. Providing and giving her a better life is what truly matters to the 39-year-old father. 

He negates the stereotypes of black fathers by always being present in her life, taking his daughter to anything he does. There is countless literature on fatherhood and even a WikiHow on how to be a good parent, but it all seems unnecessary when a parent’s presence means everything to a child. Whether at work or walking down the street, when people see Tuki, they see his daughter too. 

It was inspiring to talk with Carter about his values, principles and success. His knowledge on the music industry, entrepreneurship and especially fatherhood is second to none. 


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