University students respond to COVID on campus

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University students respond to COVID on campus

Video story by Gabe Ossa, with support from Matt Schantz, Naja Lopez and Lucas Fornasini.

Write-up by Ariel Pacheco.

Students at Georgia State University and Kennesaw State have had their whole semester shaken up due to COVID-19. With most classes shifting to online rather than in-person, students are facing new concerns and challenges. One of those concerns is safety, and GSU has tried to alleviate those concerns by handing out masks, having hand sanitizer around the campus and social distancing guidelines in the library and dining hall. 

Another challenge students have faced is that COVID-19 has limited their social lives to just phone calls and text since they have been unable to meet new people on campus due to safety precautions. While some students feel as though the universities have done the best job it can in keeping them safe to this point, some feel as if more can be done and question whether the campus should even be open.

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Gabe Ossa

Gabriel Ossa is a Georgia State student graduate in film and media, and he’s been living in Georgia since he was 5. Ossa’s family comes from Puerto-Rican and Colombian descent, and he has lived in Puerto Rico for a year and has visited Colombia for a few weeks. His father was a Command Sergeant Major in the Army, and he is the main driving force as to why Ossa enlisted when he was 17. Ossa has a passion for all things film and communications, and he is super happy to have found an opportunity to hone his skills.


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