Vixen Workout Buckhead in COVID-19 Review

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Vixen Workout Buckhead in COVID-19 Review

Mikayla McGee knows how to lead a dance workout class. 

I appreciated how she placed experienced Vixen Workout dancers near “newbies” to help them learn the choreography. More than that, I appreciated how she started the class by talking about the importance of the Black Lives Matter movement and how we benefit from Black culture.

New to Atlanta, I searched an Atlanta social Facebook page to look for a dance class in the area. Seeing McGee’s comment about her outdoor dance classes, in which I could participate for free my first session, I attended her class on June 4 in Peachtree Hills Park. She took donations through PayPal this particular session for Black Lives Matter, in which she raised over a thousand dollars.

I enjoyed not only the dances, but also the social aspect. 

McGee does a great job of socializing with everyone and making them feel welcome. She also ended the class with a dance circle, in which everyone had their moment to dance in the middle of the circle while everyone else cheered them on. 

McGee also operates in this “new normal COVID world” by taking safety precautions. She said she usually leads a few partner dances, but wouldn’t for now to help people social distance. She also usually teaches these classes in a studio, but now teaches under a pavilion so attendees have more room to spread out.

“We’ve taken classes outdoors to a park so there’s as much space as people feel comfortable and for maximum airflow… nobody has to touch anything and they actually just pay online,” McGee said. “It’s worked out really well so far. People have enjoyed being out in the fresh air, kind of getting a change of scenery.”

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McGee believes this “new normal world” may also mean people working out at home more.

“I think that before there was probably a lot of people who were not into home workouts at all, who kind of had to get into home working out, so I think maybe some people will continue their virtual journey,” she said. “I think some people will want to go back to gyms but I think they may go less often, and may now continue to use more virtual options for fitness in the future, which we’ve also transitioned into doing a little bit as well.”

Due to COVID regulations, McGee can no longer offer in-person classes right now. However, she is offering classes online multiple days a week. You can find more information and sign up on her website and stay updated through her Instagram.

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