Which is why we developed a handy checklist. If you answer yes to these questions, you’ll be in good shape!

1.) Is it timely or timeless?

Content should be about something that happened recently or

about something that will stay relevant for the foreseeable future

2.) Would young people in Atlanta care about it?

We like to keep our content forward and fresh. If your friends don’t care about it, it’s less likely we do too.

3.) Is it yours?

This one seems pretty easy, but even well-intentioned people can mess it up. Check out our Code of Ethics.

4.) Does it comply with our rules for style and format?

Read our articles, photos, videos and graphics pages to make sure

5.) Is this the first time you’ve published it?

We only accept original pieces. The good news is that you can write for us and somebody else too!

6.) Have you signed the agreement? 

We ask that all contributors sign an agreement to ensure that they’ll comply with our rules and regulations.  

The stuff on there is a no brainer. We’re just being extra careful.

7.) Have you submitted to the right place? 

Articles to [email protected]

Photos to [email protected]

Videos to [email protected]

Graphics to [email protected]

We hope this helps, and we look forward to your work!