Why you should attend a silent disco

Silence Activations, an entertainment company that throws different events using their “silent headphones,” hosted a party in Midtown Atlanta called “Battle of the Decades.” 

It was hosted at a beautiful venue called Park Tavern, an indoor and outdoor restaurant bar that has the chillest vibes right next to Piedmont Park. 

Every guest was required to wear a mask to enter the venue.

Imagine sitting under the moonlight, drinking a sour cocktail and listening to some banging music or watching the Atlanta Braves beat the Los Angeles Dodgers (for those of you that like baseball). This particular evening was a little chilly, but nothing a jacket or a sweater couldn’t fix.

The party started at 8:30 p.m. and ran until 12:30 a.m. I loved the times because it gives you enough time to get off work and relax before the party, while not keeping you out too late. Tickets were only $10 to cover the cost of the headphone rental.

These “silent headphones” aren’t just any regular headphones. With them, you can switch between three different channels to listen to different genres of music. 

Since the party was a battle of the decades, there were three DJs, each playing either 80s/90s old school hits, Y2k party hits and NOW club mix. The headphones also light up different colors depending on what channel you were on; blue had the NOW music, red the 80s/90s and white had the Y2k music.

Cierra Ward | Avant-Youth

I love blasting loud music, so having my personal headphones where I could control the volume was a plus. However, the headphones made it a little difficult to be social (considering I’m blasting music in my ears). I also have bad hearing because I listen to music so loud, [oh well] so I either had to take my headphones completely off to hear anyone, or push one ear cover to the side.

Besides not being able to hear, I really loved the vibe and idea behind the event. Everyone was in their own little world dancing around with each other, drinking and singing the lyrics to whatever song was playing. The DJs were very turnt up, and the emcee kept the crowd hype and happy.

At first I was worried because when I got there at 9:30 p.m., it was dead. I assumed it was because the venue was trying to keep capacity low due to the coronavirus, however, around 10:30 p.m. more people rolled in, and it started to get lit.

Cierra Ward | Avant-Youth

I went to the bar inside and ordered a “Whispering Angel Frosé,” a $10 frozen drink with rose wine and vodka, which isn’t too bad for a drink at a nice bar. However, they brought it out in a cup smaller than the one the cocktails were in (also $10), so that was a little disappointing, considering I would expect to pay less for a smaller cup. 

Regardless, the sweet taste of the rose mixed with the sour taste of the vodka made it a nice drink. I’m a big fan of sweet and sour drinks so I definitely recommend it.

They had a variety of alcohol options like different cocktails, wines and beer. Park Tavern also had a bunch of different (and tasty) food options. I ordered a six-count of their hot wings with ranch dressing, which was only $9.99, which I thought was a good price for the amount I received.

My food came out in less than 10 minutes, and it tasted so good while filling me up. The wings weren’t too big or too small; they were just the right size. The buffalo sauce they used also wasn’t too hot, although I like my hot wings so hot that I’m crying and sniffling. The ranch dressing, which adds more of a tangy flavor to the wings, topped them off perfectly and made my taste buds dance.

Overall, I think that the silent party was fun but chill at the same time. Silence Activations and their “silent headphones” definitely cater to any and all age groups. You can use them for your birthday party, wedding or small get-togethers.

I 100% recommend that you guys go to their events and check them out.

Cierra Ward | Avant-Youth

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