Y’all asked, we answered: Why you should vote

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Y’all asked, we answered: Why you should vote

Copy by Judith Y. Kim. Video story created by James Hunter, Matt Schantz, Amanda Funger, Imani Benjamin-Wharton, Tucker Bedingfield, Leslie Daniels and Naja Lopez, with further support from Gabe Ossa, Lucas Fornasini and Marlin Campbell Jr.

We ran a survey amongst our readers and followers asking what type of voting/elections related information they’d want to know most about.

Is it the (1) “what’s” of voting? Which, inevitably included the where and when too. What do I need to know to vote this year?

Or is it the (2) “how’s” of voting? How do I even begin to vote?

(3) The “who’s” of voting? Candidates, people I should watch or know about, etc. Who is running on my ballot?

Or lastly, is it (4) the “why’s” of voting? Why should one vote? 

Unsurprisingly and yet overwhelmingly, response (4) won. By a lot.

Our team collectively came together to answer this question and honestly, we get it. Our one vote oft-seems meaningless if not useless, things are seemingly outside our control, the list goes on for the onslaught of pissfuckery we deal with quite regularly.

No less, we see hope and good reason to keep trying–to keep showing up at the ballot box and in life–if not for those around us, but for ourselves.

We think there are many reasons why you should vote, including the realization of how much power you actually have [see below]. But as a generation that hates being told what to do ourselves, we trust you to make up your own mind.

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