Place of Origin: Decatur, GA

     Zaryah is pronounced “Zah-ree-yuh,“ often butchered because people are intimidated by names that start with the letter X or Z.  Zaryah Smith’s mom named her after Zaria Peterson, a character in the ‘90s sitcom Parent-hood.  She has a fraternal twin brother, who is 2 minutes older. 

     At a young age, Smith grew an interest in visual arts by taking old family videos then “editing” them on iMovie. Her interest expanded into photography, and someday she would love to own a photography studio. Smith is a first-generation college graduate and plans to further her film education at Georgia State University. In her free time, Smith is also interested in photo editing, painting, singing and shooting…  guns. 

What animal would you be, and why?

A bunny, because they are beautiful yet fierce creatures.

Fav. Quote:  “… There is one form of art, she just wears many faces.” – Jabbar Thomas

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